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PBC News & Comment: Rightwing Coup Ousts Bolivian Leftist

Applauded—and probably engineered—by US leaders, rightwing Christian fascists and military leaders depose Evo Morales in coup in Bolivia….–Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton offer excellent coverage at GrayZone

–at MintPress, Alan McLeod says US gives strong endorsement, “all but stating ‘we did it’”

–Morales takes asylum offer from Mexico’s AMLO

–as DC-based Center for Economic and Policy Research concludes that claims of election fraud are bogus

–Caitlin Johnstone rebukes US corporate media for avoiding the word “coup”

NY Times is willing to discuss calling it a “coup” while defining it as “popular uprising”

–Israel assassinated Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza and Syria, provoking rocket launches and possible extension of Netanyahu rule

–yesterday, 5 veterans of Iraq and Afghan wars spoke out in NY Times video for US exit from Afghanistan

–in Guardian op-ed, Bernie Sanders opposes anti-Semitism, and false accusations of anti-Semitism

–in the Saturday edition with lowest weekly readership, NY Times runs positive story about Bernie Sanders’ support from Latinos

The Nation issues rare anti-endorsement of Joe Biden

–in Roger Stone trial, prosecution has rested, defense will call no witnesses

–televised impeachment hearings start tomorrow, as Mick Mulvaney refuses to appear and drops out of lawsuit

–in oral arguments, Supreme Court majority seems likely to OK Trump’s end of DACA

–in New York, Gov. Cuomo threatens gas supplier that has imposed moratorium after losing pipeline permit battle

–wildfires rage in Australia

–credible indy media outlet in Florida suggests that Khashoggi was killed after talking with 9/11 skeptics

–“second opinion” autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein “points to homicide”

–Philly’s district attorney has exonerated 10 men wrongfully convicted of murder

–Chesa Boudin—spawn of radicals, public defender—wins tight race for DA in San Francisco