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PBC News & Comment: Rightwing Coup Ousts Bolivian Leftist

Applauded—and probably engineered—by US leaders, rightwing Christian fascists and military leaders depose Evo Morales in coup in Bolivia….--Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton offer excellent coverage at GrayZone

--at MintPress, Alan McLeod says US gives strong endorsement, “all but stating ‘we did it’”

--Morales takes asylum offer from Mexico’s AMLO

--as DC-based Center for Economic and Policy Research concludes that claims of election fraud are bogus

--Caitlin Johnstone rebukes US corporate media for avoiding the word “coup”

--NY Times is willing to discuss calling it a “coup” while defining it as “popular uprising”

--Israel assassinated Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza and Syria, provoking rocket launches and possible extension of Netanyahu rule

--yesterday, 5 veterans of Iraq and Afghan wars spoke out in NY Times video for US exit from Afghanistan

--in Guardian op-ed, Bernie Sanders opposes anti-Semitism, and false accusations of anti-Semitism

--in the Saturday edition with lowest weekly readership, NY Times runs positive story about Bernie Sanders’ support from Latinos

--The Nation issues rare anti-endorsement of Joe Biden

--in Roger Stone trial, prosecution has rested, defense will call no witnesses

--televised impeachment hearings start tomorrow, as Mick Mulvaney refuses to appear and drops out of lawsuit

--in oral arguments, Supreme Court majority seems likely to OK Trump’s end of DACA

--in New York, Gov. Cuomo threatens gas supplier that has imposed moratorium after losing pipeline permit battle

--wildfires rage in Australia

--credible indy media outlet in Florida suggests that Khashoggi was killed after talking with 9/11 skeptics

--“second opinion” autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein “points to homicide”

--Philly’s district attorney has exonerated 10 men wrongfully convicted of murder

--Chesa Boudin—spawn of radicals, public defender—wins tight race for DA in San Francisco