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PBC News & Comment, 11.13.19: Impeachment Hearings Begin

Dems have strong narrative, witnesses of Trump abusing power in Ukraine dealings, but will GOP’s corrupt bargain with Trump crumble?....--Bill Taylor and George Kent are leadoff witnesses

--so far, neither party challenges the approve narrative of the Ukrainian revolution, treated as popular uprising, not US-backed coup

--GOP does have some decent arguments in Trump’s favor, but they mostly stitch together half-truths and try to make them look whole

--champion wrestler Jim Jordan leads GOP smackdown attempts

--Dem lawyer Neal Katyal, a big Russiagate booster, details Trump’s stonewalling in Times op-ed

--Ron Fein, the pro-impeachment guy who’s been on this podcast, makes the case for additional articles of impeachment

--closing arguments in Roger Stone trial, looks like Stone will be convicted

--Trump hosts Turkey’s strongman Erdogan at White House, after NY Times revealed how Crown Prince Jared has connected with Erdogan’s son-in-law

--White Helmets leader dies of “suicide” and Caitlin Johnstone has questions

--in latest round of violence provoked by Israel, 24 Gazans have been killed

--general strike shuts down Hong Kong for 3rd day

--in Bolivia, allies of Evo Morales deny quorum as conservative senator claims interim presidency

--king tides flood Venice in 5 feet of water

--Spencer Ackerman reports that House Dems will allow phone records collection to end, but will renew other surveillance programs

--FBI stats show big jump in hate crimes

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola covers decision in ACLU lawsuit that bans some searches of phones at the border

--Trump’s corrupt Interior Secretary, David Bernhardt, maneuvers past ethics rules with help of an old pal

--smart editorial in NY Times says banning e-cigarettes will do more harm than good