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PBC News & Comment, 11.13.19: Impeachment Hearings Begin

Dems have strong narrative, witnesses of Trump abusing power in Ukraine dealings, but will GOP’s corrupt bargain with Trump crumble?….–Bill Taylor and George Kent are leadoff witnesses

–so far, neither party challenges the approve narrative of the Ukrainian revolution, treated as popular uprising, not US-backed coup

–GOP does have some decent arguments in Trump’s favor, but they mostly stitch together half-truths and try to make them look whole

–champion wrestler Jim Jordan leads GOP smackdown attempts

–Dem lawyer Neal Katyal, a big Russiagate booster, details Trump’s stonewalling in Times op-ed

–Ron Fein, the pro-impeachment guy who’s been on this podcast, makes the case for additional articles of impeachment

–closing arguments in Roger Stone trial, looks like Stone will be convicted

–Trump hosts Turkey’s strongman Erdogan at White House, after NY Times revealed how Crown Prince Jared has connected with Erdogan’s son-in-law

–White Helmets leader dies of “suicide” and Caitlin Johnstone has questions

–in latest round of violence provoked by Israel, 24 Gazans have been killed

–general strike shuts down Hong Kong for 3rd day

–in Bolivia, allies of Evo Morales deny quorum as conservative senator claims interim presidency

–king tides flood Venice in 5 feet of water

–Spencer Ackerman reports that House Dems will allow phone records collection to end, but will renew other surveillance programs

–FBI stats show big jump in hate crimes

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola covers decision in ACLU lawsuit that bans some searches of phones at the border

–Trump’s corrupt Interior Secretary, David Bernhardt, maneuvers past ethics rules with help of an old pal

smart editorial in NY Times says banning e-cigarettes will do more harm than good