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PBC News & Comment: Go See “The Report”, New Movie About CIA Torture

New feature film “The Report” gets A- for accuracy, reminds us not to trust the CIA, and raises interesting ironies…--Sen. Dianne Feinstein likes her portrayal by Annette Bening, but when Tony Soprano played CIA boss Leon Panetta in "Zero Dark 30", it provoked the torture report

--ex-CIA officer Phil Giraldi muses about John Brennan’s CIA Trump task force, reminding us not to trust the CIA

--Day 1 of impeachment hearings details Dem narrative, as Pelosi calls the complex scheme with many players “bribery”

--my dry cleaner, Alan, has trouble keeping track of all the witnesses and says “it’s complicated” and “investigate Biden the legal way, not via Rudy”

--David Sanger of NY Times frames it as a binary choice for Trump: national security or political obsession

--GOP strategy is distraction minimization and false legal framing, Lindsay Graham dismisses it all as “hearsay”

--Giuliani was mentioned almost as much as Trump, and Rudy tells Guardian that he has “very, very good insurance” if Trump turns on him

--Bill Taylor blamed Russia for downing of MH17, but latest “evidence” is very weak

--following Medea Benjamin’s protest of Dems who support regime change in Venezuela, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to have her arrested

--in Bolivia, protests continue as military changes commanders, and self-proclaimed interim president is exposed as racist

--Jeb Sprague at Grayzone Project reveals that most of the coup plotters were trained at the infamous School of the Americas

--in op-ed, Native American Nick Estes tells why Evo Morales is significant to indigenous people

--Israel continues assault on Gaza, death toll now 32 Palestinians

--protests continue in Beirut and Hong Kong

--Craig Murray adds comments on the death of White Helmets leader

--Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin concedes election to Andy Beshear

--all-Blue Virginia prepares to ratify 1972 Equal Rights Amendment

--Texas is ready to execute Rodney Reed, despite report that rape/murder victim’s boyfriend confessed to the crime