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PBC News & Comment: Go See “The Report”, New Movie About CIA Torture

New feature film “The Report” gets A- for accuracy, reminds us not to trust the CIA, and raises interesting ironies…–Sen. Dianne Feinstein likes her portrayal by Annette Bening, but when Tony Soprano played CIA boss Leon Panetta in “Zero Dark 30”, it provoked the torture report

–ex-CIA officer Phil Giraldi muses about John Brennan’s CIA Trump task force, reminding us not to trust the CIA

–Day 1 of impeachment hearings details Dem narrative, as Pelosi calls the complex scheme with many players “bribery”

–my dry cleaner, Alan, has trouble keeping track of all the witnesses and says “it’s complicated” and “investigate Biden the legal way, not via Rudy”

–David Sanger of NY Times frames it as a binary choice for Trump: national security or political obsession

–GOP strategy is distraction minimization and false legal framing, Lindsay Graham dismisses it all as “hearsay”

–Giuliani was mentioned almost as much as Trump, and Rudy tells Guardian that he has “very, very good insurance” if Trump turns on him

–Bill Taylor blamed Russia for downing of MH17, but latest “evidence” is very weak

–following Medea Benjamin’s protest of Dems who support regime change in Venezuela, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to have her arrested

–in Bolivia, protests continue as military changes commanders, and self-proclaimed interim president is exposed as racist

–Jeb Sprague at Grayzone Project reveals that most of the coup plotters were trained at the infamous School of the Americas

–in op-ed, Native American Nick Estes tells why Evo Morales is significant to indigenous people

–Israel continues assault on Gaza, death toll now 32 Palestinians

–protests continue in Beirut and Hong Kong

–Craig Murray adds comments on the death of White Helmets leader

–Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin concedes election to Andy Beshear

–all-Blue Virginia prepares to ratify 1972 Equal Rights Amendment

–Texas is ready to execute Rodney Reed, despite report that rape/murder victim’s boyfriend confessed to the crime