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PBC News & Comment: Our Dear Tweeter Takes Us to New Low Point

In contemptible act, Trump live-tweets smears at Yovanovitch during her impeachment testimony, displaying his total contempt for accountability….–GOP defense is pathetic, launching spitballs and asking “where’s the whistleblower?”

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern offers “Ukraine for Dummies”

–Russiagate skeptic Aaron Maté retraces the origins of the John Brennan plot, with some new info

–Trump appeals tax returns case to Supreme Court, asserting wide immunity, and if he wins, the Court will have no credibility

–Erdogan plays Elvis in visit with Trump, humming “Return to Sender” as he hands back to Trump the offensive “don’t be a fool letter”

–as expected, Roger Stone is convicted of lying to Congress about his lies

–former ally of Stephen Miller leaks his emails, showing he repeatedly sent racist anti-immigration article ideas to Breitbart, 75 House Dems demand resignation

–new Guantanamo judge rules that prosecutors distorted and withheld evidence from defense in Nashiri case

–corporate media embrace new self-appointed interim president of Bolivia, who says Morales cannot run in new elections

–at GrayzoneProject, Leonardo Flores details the timeline of the coup

–in Facebook post, Bolivian trade unions report that the coup has triggered resistance

–in California, pressure builds on Gov. Newsom for public takeover of PG&E

–as Bloomberg gears up for presidential run, his aides are trying to clean up old sexist comments as they announce $100 million ad blitz

–oh, and former MA Gov. Deval Patrick is ready to ride to the rescue of Dems, too

–neither one will be on the debate set next week, with 10 candidates qualifying

–Twitter clarifies its political ad ban

–Go see Ford. V. Ferrari, a new auto racing action movie with a great story line

–one of San Francisco’s most respected defense lawyers, Patrick Hallinan, recently passed at age 84