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In-Depth Interview: Prof. Bernice Hausman Explores Why Some People Resist Vaccination

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Penn State Prof. Bernice Hausman talks about her new book, Anti/Vax, a non-judgmental look at “anti-vax” people, who are often demonized by a snide majority.Hausman is a multi-discipline academic with deep backgrounds in medicine, the humanities, and English.  Her new book is Anti/Vax: Reframing the Vaccination Controversy. 

This podcast may offend ardent believers on each side of this controversy, and is aimed at those with strong views, as well as many of us who see some value in both perspectives.  As we discuss, there are many reasons why people don’t trust vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry, government mandates and other rational factors that lead to skepticism and resistance to mass vaccination.  We talk about the benefits of “herd immunity” and the majority belief that science prevails over personal feelings.

Hausman clearly relays the objections that have been articulated, including fears of a linkage between vaccines and autism, objections to the lengthy menu of vaccines that are now required or recommended between birth and age 5, and deep skepticism of the pharmaceutical companies.  As states from California to New York have tightened or eliminated exemptions from vaccination for public school enrollment, Hausman is quite skeptical herself that scientific data and mandatory vaccination will change the minds of resisters and skeptics.

She rejects the snide attitudes of many in the pro-vax majority, which portray dissenters as gullible, deficient thinkers and seeks to engage resistors without condescension or judgment.  Your humbly host highly recommends this book.