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PBC News & Comment: Dark, Depressing Day in UK and US

The impeachment-lite committee vote portends system failure, as GOP cult fully protects their criminal, con-man leader with insidious partisanship…--the two articles of impeachment were voted out of Judiciary this morning on partisan lines, as credulous loyalists act with impunity

--current House vote tallies show some Dem defectors, no GOP

--emboldened by his sycophants, Trump claims his poll numbers have “gone through the roof”, which isn’t true

--McConnell and Trump openly scheme to rig the Senate trial

--retired cranky journalist Steve Pizzo shares his despair

--your humble host didn’t expect Jeremy Corbyn to win UK election, but the Boris Johnson landslide is a surprise

--at MintPress, Alan Macleod unpacks Labour’s defeat

--circus ringmaster Trump counters impeachment vote with another tease, that “phase one” China trade deal has been reached

--Iran reports “state-sponsored” cyber attack…..wonder which state?

--in France, strike over pension changes hardens, Macron softens

--as Evo Morales is granted refugee status in Argentina, NY Times editorial backs OAS version of the coup as it calls for restoration of democracy in Bolivia

--while Crown Prince Jared tried to protect Crown Prince MBS in NDAA negotiations, language remains requiring CIA Director to declare who ordered Khashoggi assassination

--in empty, agenda-setting vote, House passes bill to negotiate some drug prices

--due to labor picket line, some Dem prez candidates say they will skip next week’s debate

--following recent polling slump, Elizabeth Warren hits opponents in New Hampshire speech

--NY Times number cruncher says Warren is losing ground on her left and right

--after endorsing Young Turk Cenk Uygur’s run for Congress, Bernie Sanders is singed by critics who cite past sexist comments by Uygur

--Jewish leader who drafted definition of anti-Semitism says Trump is weaponizing it in new executive order

--reacting to appeal for Dshokhar Tsarnaev, WhoWhatWhy lists the unexplored leads in the case

--Trump is cyber-bullying Greta Thunberg

--Clint Eastwood’s movie about falsely accused Olympic bomber Richard Jewell includes a fabrication that offends Atlanta journalists