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PBC News & Comment: Dark, Depressing Day in UK and US

The impeachment-lite committee vote portends system failure, as GOP cult fully protects their criminal, con-man leader with insidious partisanship…–the two articles of impeachment were voted out of Judiciary this morning on partisan lines, as credulous loyalists act with impunity

–current House vote tallies show some Dem defectors, no GOP

–emboldened by his sycophants, Trump claims his poll numbers have “gone through the roof”, which isn’t true

–McConnell and Trump openly scheme to rig the Senate trial

–retired cranky journalist Steve Pizzo shares his despair

–your humble host didn’t expect Jeremy Corbyn to win UK election, but the Boris Johnson landslide is a surprise

–at MintPress, Alan Macleod unpacks Labour’s defeat

–circus ringmaster Trump counters impeachment vote with another tease, that “phase one” China trade deal has been reached

–Iran reports “state-sponsored” cyber attack…..wonder which state?

–in France, strike over pension changes hardens, Macron softens

–as Evo Morales is granted refugee status in Argentina, NY Times editorial backs OAS version of the coup as it calls for restoration of democracy in Bolivia

–while Crown Prince Jared tried to protect Crown Prince MBS in NDAA negotiations, language remains requiring CIA Director to declare who ordered Khashoggi assassination

–in empty, agenda-setting vote, House passes bill to negotiate some drug prices

–due to labor picket line, some Dem prez candidates say they will skip next week’s debate

–following recent polling slump, Elizabeth Warren hits opponents in New Hampshire speech

NY Times number cruncher says Warren is losing ground on her left and right

–after endorsing Young Turk Cenk Uygur’s run for Congress, Bernie Sanders is singed by critics who cite past sexist comments by Uygur

–Jewish leader who drafted definition of anti-Semitism says Trump is weaponizing it in new executive order

–reacting to appeal for Dshokhar Tsarnaev, WhoWhatWhy lists the unexplored leads in the case

–Trump is cyber-bullying Greta Thunberg

–Clint Eastwood’s movie about falsely accused Olympic bomber Richard Jewell includes a fabrication that offends Atlanta journalists