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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Senate Trial is Being Rigged in Broad Daylight

McConnell and Graham brazenly display deep bias, as Mitch and Chuck Schumer duel over witnesses and procedure before House vote…–Schumer wants to call the key witnesses Trump has blocked from House inquiry, and McConnell sharpens his considerable skills at obstruction

–House Rules Committee is working on procedure for tomorrow’s impeachment vote, GOP will bring WWE rules

–Rudy Giuliani breaks silence, brags about getting Ambassador Yovanovitch fired

–Trump latest ethics violation: failure to report Giuliani’s work as non-cash donation

–another rigged trial is underway in Washington federal court, where Venezuelan embassy protectors are denied key evidence

WashPost distances from Juan Guaido, almost a year after he tried to seize power despite bipartisan political support and fawning coverage from the WashPost

–GOP election-riggers are hard at work on voter suppression in time for 2020

–in latest WhoWhatWhy podcast, PBC talks with NYU’s Faiza Patel about new rules requiring visa applicants to disclose social media accounts

–James Comey claims vindication in IG report for himself and FBI, prompting Twitter attacks from Trump

–Dem Sen. Ron Wyden is skeptical of GOP calls to reform FISA court

–Manafort’s former partner Rick Gates is rewarded to flipping, gets 45 “intermittent” days in jail and $20,000 fine

–Supreme Court rejected appeal, overturning Idaho law that banned homeless from sleeping outdoors

–report shows executions declined in US this year, which came close to being “the year of executing the innocent”

–Sen. Cory Booker wants to change the rules to qualify for prez debates, but the standards are already pretty low

–Boeing’s suspension of production of 737 Max could lead to reduced GDP

–100 medical doctors issue urgent appeal for medical attention for Julian Assange

–California Gov. Newsom rejects PG&E bankruptcy plan