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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Senate Trial is Being Rigged in Broad Daylight

McConnell and Graham brazenly display deep bias, as Mitch and Chuck Schumer duel over witnesses and procedure before House vote…--Schumer wants to call the key witnesses Trump has blocked from House inquiry, and McConnell sharpens his considerable skills at obstruction

--House Rules Committee is working on procedure for tomorrow’s impeachment vote, GOP will bring WWE rules

--Rudy Giuliani breaks silence, brags about getting Ambassador Yovanovitch fired

--Trump latest ethics violation: failure to report Giuliani’s work as non-cash donation

--another rigged trial is underway in Washington federal court, where Venezuelan embassy protectors are denied key evidence

--WashPost distances from Juan Guaido, almost a year after he tried to seize power despite bipartisan political support and fawning coverage from the WashPost

--GOP election-riggers are hard at work on voter suppression in time for 2020

--in latest WhoWhatWhy podcast, PBC talks with NYU’s Faiza Patel about new rules requiring visa applicants to disclose social media accounts

--James Comey claims vindication in IG report for himself and FBI, prompting Twitter attacks from Trump

--Dem Sen. Ron Wyden is skeptical of GOP calls to reform FISA court

--Manafort’s former partner Rick Gates is rewarded to flipping, gets 45 “intermittent” days in jail and $20,000 fine

--Supreme Court rejected appeal, overturning Idaho law that banned homeless from sleeping outdoors

--report shows executions declined in US this year, which came close to being “the year of executing the innocent”

--Sen. Cory Booker wants to change the rules to qualify for prez debates, but the standards are already pretty low

--Boeing’s suspension of production of 737 Max could lead to reduced GDP

--100 medical doctors issue urgent appeal for medical attention for Julian Assange

--California Gov. Newsom rejects PG&E bankruptcy plan