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PBC News & Comment: Impeachment Day Brings Sorry Display of Projection and Denial

GOP cultists stand behind their stable genius, repeating his incoherent arguments contained in Trump’s bizarre and rambling letter to Pelosi…–Pelosi opened the session, “Trump made us do it” as Republicans use doges and stalling tactics to little avail

–Read Trump’s letter, here

–Trump will seek comfort from his cult at a mob rally in Battle Creek, MI tonight

–while your humble host disagrees with Pelosi on many aspects of this impeachment process, she deserves credit for proceeding despite political costs

–as House focuses on impeachment, Senate is dealing with anti-Russiagate bill introduced by Lindsay Graham

–conservatives start Lincoln Project opposing Trump re-election, as moderate, former Republican and law professor Tom Campbell supports Article One

–state charges against Manafort are dismiss by judge in NY

–FISA Court slams FBI, orders January 10 hearing to look into misrepresentations in Carter Page warrant applications, and IG Horowitz piles on

–nationwide strikes continue in France as government says it’s ready to negotiate pension reforms

–Google fires 5th worker, but says it’s not about labor activism

–federal court says Ed Snowden must cough up book royalties, because he failed to submit it for review

–Chelsea Manning spent her 32nd birthday in jail behind bogus contempt charge

–Glenn Greenwald got a great interview with Evo Morales

–Max Blumenthal exposes the grooming of Pete Buttigieg

–California activist Adriel Hampton challenges Facebook with another false ad

–Trump’s plan to import Rx from Canada is little more than a press release