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PBC News & Comment: Trump Impeachment Trial May Start Within a Week

Speaker Pelosi informs Democrats she will send impeachment articles to Senate next week, triggering trial with no agreement on witnesses…--report by Italian journalist mentioned here yesterday deserves investigation, with far more serious abuse of power than Ukraine scheme

--in strong column at The Intercept, James Risen calls Trump a murderer

--on day it assassinated Suleimani, US forces failed to kill another top Iranian general in Yemen

--Trump reveled in the adulation of a bloodthirsty mob lst night, rallying in Toledo

--US displays the arrogance that makes people hate us, as Pompeo rejects Iraq’s demand that US troops exit

--Pompeo executes Trump’s threat, announces more sanctions on Iran

--NY Times analyst Max Fisher is on target, says US-Iran squabble is “lose-lose” situation

--in deep dive, Kevin Gosztola proves that it’s America, not Iran, that has created Hell in the Mideast

--the reported shoot-down of Ukrainian airliner near Tehran is still murky

--WhoWhatWhy report raises questions about video of the accident cited in NY Times

--HuffPost reports that Justice Dept investigation into Clinton emails found no wrongdoing related to Uraniam One case

--as Judicial Watch gets FOIA results showing new emails from her private account that contained classified info

--free speech suffered in this dance with Iran, as Mass professor is fired for sarcastic Facebook posts suggesting US “cultural sites” Iran might target

-PayPal is blocking small donations to Grayzone Project that mention Iran

--analysis of 60,000 tweets with hashtag “Iranians Detest Suleimani” have high proportion of users who identify as MAGA

--also at MintPress, Whitney Webb exposes Israeli firm that is demo-ing election theft scenarios for US agencies

--NY Times runs lengthy article on fears of Russian interference in 2020, with very little substance

--NY Times is covering Bernie Sanders more, but not more fairly

--Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are getting some coverage, too, with slings and arrows for Sanders embedded

--California voters registered “no party preference” need to know how to request a Democratic ballot, especially mail-in voters

--billionaire Tom Steyer qualifies for next Tuesday’s Iowa debate, as Marianne Williamson bails out