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PBC News & Comment: As Primaries Start, DNC Changes Rules to Favor Bloomberg

Bloomberg has dropped cash to buy support from mayors and DNC, which changes debate rules mid-cycle to stop Sanders…

–Hillary Clinton’s not subtle, but NY Times reported Tlaib’s boos and barely mentioned Clinton’s attack on Sanders for 2016

–another failed Dem candidate, John Kerry, is slamming Sanders in Iowa

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–last-minute withdrawal of Iowa poll raised concerns among Sanders supporters, who were

–in sign of desperation, NY Times had 2 Bernie bashing columns in the Saturday edition, plus a news article that reports Sanders’ strong support from Latinos and blacks

–and WashPost declares Sanders the winner in Dem donor race so far

–at The Guardian, former Clinton supporter Emma Brockes says she is warming to Bernie

–to confront the threat of Russian disinformation, DNC hires former staffer of “Correct the Record”, David Brock’s 2016 online troll operation

–and the first confrontation is with right wing Judicial Watch, which tweeted false info about voter fraud in Iowa

–Dems are also geared up to fight Cozy and Fancy, the Russian bear brothers blamed for hacking DNC in 2016

–Senate trial hears final arguments leading to predictable vote to acquit on Wednesday

–Democratic group called The Indivisible Project will target 9 GOP senators up for re-election this fall

–after weeks of negotiation, Iraqi leaders name new prime minister, who is immediately rejected by protest leaders

–when Boris Johnson tried to exclude reporters he finds unfriendly from press briefing, all reporters walked out; but American journos did nothing to support NPR after Pompeo’s attacks