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PBC News & Comment: “Bernie’s So Scary” Meme Dominates Corporate Media

Democratic Establishment feeds media echo chamber stoking fears of Sanders, and promoting authoritarian oligarch Mike Bloomberg’s billion dollar ego trip….--NY Times number cruncher Nate Cohn shows Sanders’ path to the nomination while downplaying the prospect

--Iowa caucus debacle puts pressure on DNC Chair Perez as state party chair quits

--Sanders supporters and others who don’t trust party leaders are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” again

--and The Grayzone is attacked as Russian tool for exposing the people behind the app that failed to count the votes

--Wall Street leaders panic, and Nevada union leaders use GOP healthcare talking points to slam Sanders

--parade of NY Times columnists attacking Bernie continues, as Nick Kristof, worries about his coattails and Tom Friedman declares that Sanders can’t beat Trump, only Bloomberg can save the day

--and here come the smears from Zionists hammering a liberal Jewish candidate as “anti-Semitic”

--Bloomberg, the “acceptable Jewish candidate” will energize Trump’s gun nuts, and while he can buy the nomination, he can’t buy voter turnout

--Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick drop out, leaving 8 candidates; listen to PBC interview with Yang here

--Trump’s intervention in Roger Stone sentencing shows he feels unrestrained by the Constitution, or anything else

--John Kelly feels the heat of the tweet after defending Vindman

--in ABC interview, AG Barr feigns outrage and independence

--in Fed confirmation hearing and war powers vote, GOP senators show some independence from Trump

--House votes to remove ratification deadline for ERA

--venerable McClatchy newspaper chain files for bankruptcy

--Julian Assange is named winner of Gary Webb journalism award

--in closing arguments, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer attacks his victims and it might work

--did James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, die from foul play?

--NASA reveals details of most distant object reached by earthlings

--PBC thanks the deputy sheriffs in Orlando who declined to arrest him