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PBC News & Comment: “Bernie’s So Scary” Meme Dominates Corporate Media

Democratic Establishment feeds media echo chamber stoking fears of Sanders, and promoting authoritarian oligarch Mike Bloomberg’s billion dollar ego trip….–NY Times number cruncher Nate Cohn shows Sanders’ path to the nomination while downplaying the prospect

–Iowa caucus debacle puts pressure on DNC Chair Perez as state party chair quits

–Sanders supporters and others who don’t trust party leaders are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” again

–and The Grayzone is attacked as Russian tool for exposing the people behind the app that failed to count the votes

–Wall Street leaders panic, and Nevada union leaders use GOP healthcare talking points to slam Sanders

–parade of NY Times columnists attacking Bernie continues, as Nick Kristof, worries about his coattails and Tom Friedman declares that Sanders can’t beat Trump, only Bloomberg can save the day

–and here come the smears from Zionists hammering a liberal Jewish candidate as “anti-Semitic”

–Bloomberg, the “acceptable Jewish candidate” will energize Trump’s gun nuts, and while he can buy the nomination, he can’t buy voter turnout

–Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet and Deval Patrick drop out, leaving 8 candidates; listen to PBC interview with Yang here

–Trump’s intervention in Roger Stone sentencing shows he feels unrestrained by the Constitution, or anything else

–John Kelly feels the heat of the tweet after defending Vindman

–in ABC interview, AG Barr feigns outrage and independence

–in Fed confirmation hearing and war powers vote, GOP senators show some independence from Trump

–House votes to remove ratification deadline for ERA

–venerable McClatchy newspaper chain files for bankruptcy

–Julian Assange is named winner of Gary Webb journalism award

–in closing arguments, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer attacks his victims and it might work

–did James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, die from foul play?

–NASA reveals details of most distant object reached by earthlings

–PBC thanks the deputy sheriffs in Orlando who declined to arrest him