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PBC News & Comment: No Winners in Lousy Debate on CBS

In Charleston, a terrible debate where moderators promoted attacks by candidates, leading to chaotic forum that’s an insult to voters…–Sanders was combative and red-faced at times, but held his own as all candidates had rehearsed lines of attack; it was not Bernie’s best night, but he didn’t lose

–Sanders attacked Bloomberg in his first sentence, and Warren took over from their, taking the billionaire down a few notches

NY Times pundits rank Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren as top 3

–as predicted here, Anderson Cooper’s gotcha question about Cuba was used to whack Sanders, and he responded pretty effectively

Grayzone reminds us that red-baiter Anderson Cooper worked for CIA during his college summers

–when asked about his refusal to speak to AIPAC this year, Sanders gave a strong response on Palestinian rights

–when Warren attacked Bloomberg for funding GOP senate candidates, Mike bragged about funding Dems in 2018, almost saying he “bought them”

–fact checkers dispute some comments that were made

–Rep. Clyburn endorses Biden, as Pelosi says she would be “comfortable” with Sanders as nominee, doesn’t think House would flip

–Frank Bruni of NY Times says the debaters “scared the hell out of me”

–Robert Reich says “calm down, establishment Democrats”

–Prof. Stephen Zunes, a Warren supporter who worked on George McGovern’s campaign, says Sanders isn’t another McGovern

–at WhoWhatWhy, an important review of the Buttigieg bio that raises important questions

–from Assange trial, Joe Lauria reports on Tuesday’s extradition hearing

ConsortiumNews also posts Craig Murray’s view from the spectator gallery

–hidden video and dirty trickster James O’Keefe releases latest ambush, and ABC News suspends reporter David Wright

–Supreme Court gives immunity to border guard who shot and killed Mexican teen in Mexico

–our con man president will talk about coronavirus in news conference

–after Trump’s visit, death toll in India from Hindu-Muslim clashes climbs to 27