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PBC News & Comment: No Winners in Lousy Debate on CBS

In Charleston, a terrible debate where moderators promoted attacks by candidates, leading to chaotic forum that’s an insult to voters…--Sanders was combative and red-faced at times, but held his own as all candidates had rehearsed lines of attack; it was not Bernie’s best night, but he didn’t lose

--Sanders attacked Bloomberg in his first sentence, and Warren took over from their, taking the billionaire down a few notches

--NY Times pundits rank Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren as top 3

--as predicted here, Anderson Cooper’s gotcha question about Cuba was used to whack Sanders, and he responded pretty effectively

--Grayzone reminds us that red-baiter Anderson Cooper worked for CIA during his college summers

--when asked about his refusal to speak to AIPAC this year, Sanders gave a strong response on Palestinian rights

--when Warren attacked Bloomberg for funding GOP senate candidates, Mike bragged about funding Dems in 2018, almost saying he “bought them”

--fact checkers dispute some comments that were made

--Rep. Clyburn endorses Biden, as Pelosi says she would be “comfortable” with Sanders as nominee, doesn’t think House would flip

--Frank Bruni of NY Times says the debaters “scared the hell out of me”

--Robert Reich says “calm down, establishment Democrats”

--Prof. Stephen Zunes, a Warren supporter who worked on George McGovern’s campaign, says Sanders isn’t another McGovern

--at WhoWhatWhy, an important review of the Buttigieg bio that raises important questions

--from Assange trial, Joe Lauria reports on Tuesday’s extradition hearing

--ConsortiumNews also posts Craig Murray’s view from the spectator gallery

--hidden video and dirty trickster James O’Keefe releases latest ambush, and ABC News suspends reporter David Wright

--Supreme Court gives immunity to border guard who shot and killed Mexican teen in Mexico

--our con man president will talk about coronavirus in news conference

--after Trump’s visit, death toll in India from Hindu-Muslim clashes climbs to 27