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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Ignore Assange Hearing

As preliminary extradition hearings for Julian Assange are adjourned, corporate outlets that used Wikileaks materials ignore critical attack on press freedom…--ConsortiumNews delivers great coverage from Joe Lauria and Craig Murray in the courtroom, and a thoughtful essay from Pepe Escobar

--and Kevin Gosztola is posting at Shadowproof

--in praiseworthy report, the often-dreadful WashPost reports there was no fraud in the Bolivian election last year, and properly labels it a military coup

--Dow dives again over coronavirus fears, unchecked after Trump names Pence to lead task force and control media contacts by the experts

--at MintPress, Whitney Webb notes that reluctance to call this 6-continent epidemic a pandemic may be due to concerns over World Bank’s “pandemic bonds”

--corporate Dems still scheming to stop Bernie, including megadonor Bernard Schwartz, who wants the Democrats to sidestep democracy

--the still-dreadful WashPost’s Jennifer Rubin smears Sanders as divisive

--538 analysis shows Charleston debate didn’t change many voters’ minds

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan video report exposes the Dems who love dictators

--analysis of Google’s email delivery shows preference for Buttigieg, Yang and Bloomberg

--Obama lawyers demand that pro-Trump group take down TV ad that uses excerpt from audio book to attack Biden

--selectively edited video of Sanders from 1987 makes him sound like a racist

--while defending Sanders against red-baiting, activist Dakotah Lilly points out flaws in his foreign policy record

--Matthew Hoh is a real combat veteran who’s indignant at Pete Buttigieg’s claim of military experience….a must read for potential Mayor Pete voters

--Israel votes on Monday, with uncertain outcome

--Whitney Webb shows how acting DNI Richard Grenell is deeply pro-Israel