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PBC News & Comment: Listen Up, Boomers—Sanders Can Beat Trump, and Isn’t a New McGovern!

Author Steve Phillips cites big jump in young voter population, which Bernie dominates, former Sen. Gary Hart debunks McGovern comparison…–you can read Phillips’ analysis here, and Gary Hart’s op-ed here

–yellow journalism pushes anecdotal assumptions, driven by the same media, that Sanders can’t win—and Boomers are the most biased

–just days before Super Tuesday, new polls show Sanders way ahead in California, with Elizabeth Warren in 2nd

–Tulsi Gabbard defends Sanders and blames media and intel agencies for fact-free claims that Russia wants to help Bernie

–Boss Bloomberg talks about management with PBS, and tells NY Times that he would be restrained with presidential powers, but would’ve droned Awlaki

–in a week of gaffes, Joe Biden walks back claim of arrest in South Africa

–new poll shows only one-third of Americans have “high confidence” in election integrity

–civil rights groups are expanding efforts to protect the vote

–Americans whiplashed by fearful media coverage of coronavirus and Trump’s dismissal of threats and blame-shift to Democrats

–C-PAC speakers echo Trump, blaming Dems, media, Sanders, and Deep State

–cops in Wisconsin lie on Facebook, say meth is contaminated with covid-19

–listener Dick Atlee shares some interesting research about China’s new mandatory vaccine law

–listener Frank Shinneman recommends Columbia U site for accurate coronavirus data, here

–Syria is at war with NATO member and neighbor Turkey, as NATO sends its thoughts & prayers

–House Judiciary starts investigation into Bill Barr’s role in Roger Stone case interference, but isn’t pursuing John Bolton

–formerly-liberal 9th Circuit appeals court unequivocally blocks Trump’s incoherent asylum policy, as “Justice” Dept. proposes big fee hike for asylum cases

Kevin Gosztola and Craig Murray file reports on end of preliminary hearing on extradition of Julian Assange

–at MintPress, Alan McLeod shares my praise for WashPost correction of Bolivian coup last year, while noting many key omissions

–and as we wrap up, a 4-pack of good developments on environmental issues