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PBC News & Comment: Listen Up, Boomers—Sanders Can Beat Trump, and Isn’t a New McGovern!

Author Steve Phillips cites big jump in young voter population, which Bernie dominates, former Sen. Gary Hart debunks McGovern comparison…--you can read Phillips’ analysis here, and Gary Hart’s op-ed here

--yellow journalism pushes anecdotal assumptions, driven by the same media, that Sanders can’t win—and Boomers are the most biased

--just days before Super Tuesday, new polls show Sanders way ahead in California, with Elizabeth Warren in 2nd

--Tulsi Gabbard defends Sanders and blames media and intel agencies for fact-free claims that Russia wants to help Bernie

--Boss Bloomberg talks about management with PBS, and tells NY Times that he would be restrained with presidential powers, but would’ve droned Awlaki

--in a week of gaffes, Joe Biden walks back claim of arrest in South Africa

--new poll shows only one-third of Americans have “high confidence” in election integrity

--civil rights groups are expanding efforts to protect the vote

--Americans whiplashed by fearful media coverage of coronavirus and Trump’s dismissal of threats and blame-shift to Democrats

--C-PAC speakers echo Trump, blaming Dems, media, Sanders, and Deep State

--cops in Wisconsin lie on Facebook, say meth is contaminated with covid-19

--listener Dick Atlee shares some interesting research about China’s new mandatory vaccine law

--listener Frank Shinneman recommends Columbia U site for accurate coronavirus data, here

--Syria is at war with NATO member and neighbor Turkey, as NATO sends its thoughts & prayers

--House Judiciary starts investigation into Bill Barr’s role in Roger Stone case interference, but isn’t pursuing John Bolton

--formerly-liberal 9th Circuit appeals court unequivocally blocks Trump’s incoherent asylum policy, as “Justice” Dept. proposes big fee hike for asylum cases

--Kevin Gosztola and Craig Murray file reports on end of preliminary hearing on extradition of Julian Assange

--at MintPress, Alan McLeod shares my praise for WashPost correction of Bolivian coup last year, while noting many key omissions

--and as we wrap up, a 4-pack of good developments on environmental issues