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PBC News & Comment, 3.2.20: Klobuchar Exits, Right Behind Buttigieg and Steyer

2 weeks after Bloomberg called for thinning the herd, frightened moderates bail out, but many Super Tuesday voters have already voted….–Klobuchar had to cancel Minneapolis rally due to protesters; Mayor Pete bets on the future; Tom Steyer got bupkis for $175 million

–Biden’s momentary gain in South Carolina is spun wildly by media gatekeepers

–despite the shuffle, most California voters have already mailed ballots, so impact may be minimal

–latest California polling—based on 6,000 person sample—shows Sanders with yuge lead, and only Warren may clear 15%

–Sanders may beat Warren in Mass, tells Boston rally he’s making Dem leaders “very nervous”

–media gatekeepers are very nervous, pumping out anti-Bernie reports as Public Enemy fires Flavor Flav

NY Times pundit David Leonhardt declares it’s Biden vs. Sanders now

–in op-ed, Theodore R. Johnson says black voters vary by region, not all are like South Carolina

–Sanders may not get full credit in California, as rules for NPP voters like PBC are confusing to many

–Bloomberg goes to AIPAC to attack the front-running Jewish candidate

–Boss Bloomberg’s false stereotypes of young males challenged in new podcast interview, author Anne Kim says these attitudes lead to “abandoned” youth

–at MintPress, Whitney Webb reminds us of Bloomberg’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein and pals, including Harvey Weinstein

–FAIR reviews the biased questions asked at candidate debates

–Trump claims Dems and media create coronavirus “hoax” and that people at his mob rallies are “very safe”

–billionaire cronies of Trump have quietly bought $1 billion stake in Twitter, may try to oust founder Jack Dorsey

–DC Appeals Court dismisses House lawsuit aimed at enforcing subpoena of Don McGhan

–federal judges says Trump unlawfully appointed Ken Cuccinelli to immigration post, and voids his actions

–Supreme Court will hear cases on asylum law, and Obamacare challenge

–as Israel votes today, leaked audio recordings impact both sides