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In-Depth Interview: Psychiatrist Justin A. Frank Analyzes Trump’s Recent Behavior


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Dr. Justin A. Frank, Washington, DC psychiatrist and author of Trump On The Couch, returns to discuss Trump’s recent behavior driven by a deep need for “narcissistic supply”. Your humble host felt we could all benefit from Dr. Frank’s commentary on the recent antics of our “stable genius” president.

Our conversation centers on the idea of “narcissistic supply”, the essential fuel for Donald Trump’s narcissism, which was introduced to me by listener and friend Ford Greene.  Dr. Frank explains Trump’s deep needs for adulation, which drive many aspects of his erratic behavior.  Since Trump’s mob rallies have been put on hold due to the pandemic, he took over the daily briefings from VP Mike Pence, where he delivers talking points interspersed with attacks on his perceived enemies, especially the media.

We discuss Trump’s skillful use of projection on Twitter and in his rhetoric, and the constant pose as a victim that’s embraced by his cult of followers, based on deep imprinting, which Dr. Frank explains.