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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s GodSquad Pals Ignore Pandemic Risk

Falwell, Jr. reopens Liberty University as White House Bible study preacher channels Falwell, Sr, blames virus on gays, enviros and China…–our deeply religious Dear Tweeter picked Easter as the day to “open up” America, with no input from experts, because it’s “a beautiful time”

–since Trump only offered “advice” about isolation policies, it’s up to state Governors to decide when to curtail measures

–bizarrely, Trump’s approval is going up, even among some Democrats

–while some conservatives are exposing their Dear Leader’s prevarications

–our daily Covid-19 update, with comments from editor Linda Lewis

–those obstructionist Democrats in the Senate did get some major improvements in the $2 trillion bailout/stimulus package, but ongoing payments to average Americans will be needed

–the compromises forced GOP senators to rebuild parts of the safety net they have systematically shredded

–corporate social isn’t a problem, though, as Boeing gets gifts to help it survive from its self-inflicted problems; American airlines is right behind them

–Scott Ritter notes that the bailouts show how broken our system is

–American jail inmates and immigrant detainees face greater risk of infection, modest steps are being taken to protect the Americans, almost none for immigrants

–Kevin Gosztola reports on moves in Chicago

–under lockdowns, domestic violence is likely to increase

–Joe Biden listens to his donors, and opposes efforts to make covid drugs or vaccines affordable, or free

–at The Atlantic, Alex Wagner reveals the empty vessel that is Dems front-runner

–TimesUp group raised $24 million to pursue sex harassment perps, but declined to support Biden accuser with bullshit excuses; Tara Reade interview is here

–under court order, Israel’s parliament speaker steps down, but blocks new session to replace him and attempt passage of bills to restrain Netanyahu

–Turkey indicts 20 Saudis for assassination of Khashoggi

–a quick roundup of covid responses in other countries; the video on Cuban doctors in Italy is here, and report on Brazil is here