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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s GodSquad Pals Ignore Pandemic Risk

Falwell, Jr. reopens Liberty University as White House Bible study preacher channels Falwell, Sr, blames virus on gays, enviros and China…--our deeply religious Dear Tweeter picked Easter as the day to “open up” America, with no input from experts, because it’s “a beautiful time”

--since Trump only offered “advice” about isolation policies, it’s up to state Governors to decide when to curtail measures

--bizarrely, Trump’s approval is going up, even among some Democrats

--while some conservatives are exposing their Dear Leader’s prevarications

--our daily Covid-19 update, with comments from editor Linda Lewis

--those obstructionist Democrats in the Senate did get some major improvements in the $2 trillion bailout/stimulus package, but ongoing payments to average Americans will be needed

--the compromises forced GOP senators to rebuild parts of the safety net they have systematically shredded

--corporate social isn’t a problem, though, as Boeing gets gifts to help it survive from its self-inflicted problems; American airlines is right behind them

--Scott Ritter notes that the bailouts show how broken our system is

--American jail inmates and immigrant detainees face greater risk of infection, modest steps are being taken to protect the Americans, almost none for immigrants

--Kevin Gosztola reports on moves in Chicago

--under lockdowns, domestic violence is likely to increase

--Joe Biden listens to his donors, and opposes efforts to make covid drugs or vaccines affordable, or free

--at The Atlantic, Alex Wagner reveals the empty vessel that is Dems front-runner

--TimesUp group raised $24 million to pursue sex harassment perps, but declined to support Biden accuser with bullshit excuses; Tara Reade interview is here

--under court order, Israel’s parliament speaker steps down, but blocks new session to replace him and attempt passage of bills to restrain Netanyahu

--Turkey indicts 20 Saudis for assassination of Khashoggi

--a quick roundup of covid responses in other countries; the video on Cuban doctors in Italy is here, and report on Brazil is here