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PBC News & Comment: Inspector General Confirms FBI Plays Fast & Loose with FISA Wiretap Applications

Building on Carter Page investigation, IG found massive flaws in all 29 FISA applications examined, confirming PBC’s oft-repeated criticisms…–FBI has been lying and misleading the star chamber for years

–Trump’s use of signing statement to neutralize Congressional oversight of the $2 Trillion bailout package is #769, reports Bob Egelko in SF Chronicle

–the Fox “News” virus is almost as insidious as the coronavirus

–our daily Covid 19 news summary, edited by Linda Lewis

–in Las Vegas, despite thousands of empty hotel rooms, around 500 homeless people are temporarily parked in an open-air parking lot

–despite the critical situation, some hospitals are disciplining doctors who break the rules by wearing surgical masks all the time

–a Florida pastor who’s on Trump’s God Squad is cited for holding Sunday services with large congregations, to prove that health officials can’t “shut down Christianity”

–federal judges have issued orders overturning state orders in Texas, Ohio and Alabama that block abortions during pandemic

–Border Patrol is using Covid to immediately deport unaccompanied minors who cross the border

–Trump’s shameful attacks during his daily narcissistic briefings are often aimed at women

–his transactional mindset in dealing with governors is compared to Ukraine dealings in column by Michelle Goldberg

–TV anchor Chris Cuomo has the virus, and is broadcasting from quarantine in his basement; sibling rival and big brother Andrew says acquiring ventilators is like bidding on eBay

NY Times editorial slams Gov. Cuomo for playing budget games as he manages the crisis

–Mitch McConnell says Trump’s stonewalling on impeachment diverted attention from growing pandemic in January and February

–Bernie Sanders tells Seth Meyers that Covid gives new urgency to his agenda, and acknowledges current “narrow path” to the nomination

–53 nations have now signed on to call for global ceasefire during pandemic

–US ignores calls to suspend sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, as bloody Elliott Abrams floats new plan for regime change in Caracas

–in eye-opening column at The Grayzone, Yasha Levine argues that Big Ag is partly responsible for Covid and other viruses

–in great report based on court documents, The Guardian exposes that Monsanto and BASF knew that seed-pesticide combos like Roundup would lead to damage and crop losses

–author Brad Schreiber, who was interviewed here, starts series on Protest songs at Shadowproof