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PBC News & Comment: Trump to Uninsured Americans: ‘Drop Dead’

After more than a week of public speculation, vacillating Trump decides not to permit new Obamacare enrollment in 38 states…--it amounts to a possible death sentence for low-income workers and some who will lose employer-paid coverage

Note: this podcast was delayed in posting, due to human error--mine!  pbc

--federal appeals court tells Texas women with unwanted pregnancies: you have no “choice”, abortions are banned due to unconstitutional order blocking abortions

--after waves of bad publicity, Navy brass allow about 60% of USS Roosevelt’s crew to go ashore for testing and treatment amid Covid outbreak

--our Covid-19 daily update, compiled by Linda Lewis, with focus in the bizarre bazaar of protective health gear

--in Russophobic news report, WashPost says Putin’s planeload of PPE is a propaganda coup

--WashPost media writer praises MSNBC for only carrying 100 minutes of Trump’s 2-hour self-aggrandizing briefing yesterday

--early study from China shows that hydroxychloroquine is helpful to patients with mild symptoms

--at ConsortiumNews, Greg Godels shows the pattern of American oligarchs demanding that the serfs get back to work

--listeners have critical comments of recent podcasts

--Iran asks UN to intervene and allow humanitarian aid, and asks for IMF loan—first time since the revolution

--Trump tweets warning to Iran to control its proxies in Iraq, or else

at MintPress, Alan McLeod adds details to the Pompeo-Abrams scheme for regime change in Venezuela

--Trump’s border wall fantasy takes a hit, as sophisticated tunnel is found between Tijuana and San Diego

--in its continuing effort to Bury Bernie, NY Times quotes fearful Dem boomer voters who shifted to Biden

--Biden doubts there will be a convention in Milwaukee in July

--GOP-controlled Wisconsin legislature refuses to delay next week’s primary, ensuring low turnout

--Trump just admitted that GOP can’t win elections without suppression tactics