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PBC News & Comment: Trump to Uninsured Americans: ‘Drop Dead’

After more than a week of public speculation, vacillating Trump decides not to permit new Obamacare enrollment in 38 states…–it amounts to a possible death sentence for low-income workers and some who will lose employer-paid coverage

Note: this podcast was delayed in posting, due to human error–mine!  pbc

–federal appeals court tells Texas women with unwanted pregnancies: you have no “choice”, abortions are banned due to unconstitutional order blocking abortions

–after waves of bad publicity, Navy brass allow about 60% of USS Roosevelt’s crew to go ashore for testing and treatment amid Covid outbreak

–our Covid-19 daily update, compiled by Linda Lewis, with focus in the bizarre bazaar of protective health gear

–in Russophobic news report, WashPost says Putin’s planeload of PPE is a propaganda coup

WashPost media writer praises MSNBC for only carrying 100 minutes of Trump’s 2-hour self-aggrandizing briefing yesterday

–early study from China shows that hydroxychloroquine is helpful to patients with mild symptoms

–at ConsortiumNews, Greg Godels shows the pattern of American oligarchs demanding that the serfs get back to work

–listeners have critical comments of recent podcasts

–Iran asks UN to intervene and allow humanitarian aid, and asks for IMF loan—first time since the revolution

–Trump tweets warning to Iran to control its proxies in Iraq, or else

at MintPress, Alan McLeod adds details to the Pompeo-Abrams scheme for regime change in Venezuela

–Trump’s border wall fantasy takes a hit, as sophisticated tunnel is found between Tijuana and San Diego

–in its continuing effort to Bury Bernie, NY Times quotes fearful Dem boomer voters who shifted to Biden

–Biden doubts there will be a convention in Milwaukee in July

–GOP-controlled Wisconsin legislature refuses to delay next week’s primary, ensuring low turnout

–Trump just admitted that GOP can’t win elections without suppression tactics