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PBC News & Comment: Intentional Trainwreck in L.A. is Metaphor for These Days

In example of true “Trump Derangement Syndrome” railroad engineer tries to ram locomotive into Mercy hospital ship…--at Salon, Amanda Marcote breaks down the dangers of Trump cultists

--also at Salon, Chauncey Devega details Dunning-Kruger effect, when stupid people don’t know they’re stupid

--Dr. Bandy Lee makes new call to remove Trump because he’s dangerous

--in Midland, Texas, a man stabbed 3 Asian Americans he believed were spreading coronavirus

--in yesterday’s Covid-19 news summary, Linda Lewis detailed the global bazaar for protective gear, based on mainstream reports, but neither PBS NewsHour or Maddow mentioned it in coverage of dire shortages

--today’s Covid news summary

--Trump lackey Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is still calling for back-to-work by April 30

--listener John Zweibel rips into that sentiment, comparing it to Russian roulette

--the right-wing media echo chamber’s shifting messages of denial and deflection are catalogued by NY Times

--at ConsortiumNews, retired law professor Marjoie Cohn outlines potential police state creep during this crisis

--one Guardian article points out risks of using commercially-collected location data to map movements, and another exposes the weak security of Zoom video platform

--at The Intercept, Sam Biddle outlines ways to protect our privacy, if we have any remaining

--but some of my skeptical allies go too far

--Kevin Gosztola updates us on the Wisconsin primary, which will go forward next week

--Limbaugh shifts from Covid denial to climate change denial, extolling the virtues of fossil fuels, as Guardian report asks if Covid will kill the oil industry

--ignoring clear DEA data, Trump uses gunboats to block drug traffic from Venezuela, an act of military theater

--still no resolution in Florida’s refusal to allow cruise ships to port

--Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) seeks major reforms of cruise ship industry