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PBC News & Comment: Intentional Trainwreck in L.A. is Metaphor for These Days

In example of true “Trump Derangement Syndrome” railroad engineer tries to ram locomotive into Mercy hospital ship…–at Salon, Amanda Marcote breaks down the dangers of Trump cultists

–also at Salon, Chauncey Devega details Dunning-Kruger effect, when stupid people don’t know they’re stupid

–Dr. Bandy Lee makes new call to remove Trump because he’s dangerous

–in Midland, Texas, a man stabbed 3 Asian Americans he believed were spreading coronavirus

–in yesterday’s Covid-19 news summary, Linda Lewis detailed the global bazaar for protective gear, based on mainstream reports, but neither PBS NewsHour or Maddow mentioned it in coverage of dire shortages

–today’s Covid news summary

–Trump lackey Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is still calling for back-to-work by April 30

–listener John Zweibel rips into that sentiment, comparing it to Russian roulette

–the right-wing media echo chamber’s shifting messages of denial and deflection are catalogued by NY Times

–at ConsortiumNews, retired law professor Marjoie Cohn outlines potential police state creep during this crisis

–one Guardian article points out risks of using commercially-collected location data to map movements, and another exposes the weak security of Zoom video platform

–at The Intercept, Sam Biddle outlines ways to protect our privacy, if we have any remaining

–but some of my skeptical allies go too far

–Kevin Gosztola updates us on the Wisconsin primary, which will go forward next week

–Limbaugh shifts from Covid denial to climate change denial, extolling the virtues of fossil fuels, as Guardian report asks if Covid will kill the oil industry

–ignoring clear DEA data, Trump uses gunboats to block drug traffic from Venezuela, an act of military theater

–still no resolution in Florida’s refusal to allow cruise ships to port

–Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) seeks major reforms of cruise ship industry