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PBC News & Comment: Firing of Naval Captain is Beyond Despicable

Because he embarrassed the Bully-in-Chief by sounding alarm over pandemic on his aircraft carrier, Brett Crozier was relieved yesterday…SF Chronicle deserves credit for breaking the story

–Dem Reps. Including Speier and Garamendi equivocate in their defense of Crozier

–his crew cheered him as he left the ship, while violating physical distance protocols

–Max Boot is right again (!) in this op-ed

–Dr. Fauci contradicts White House on nationwide stay-at-home order, will he get booted next?

–Crown Prince Jared played supporting actor at Trump’s briefing yesterday, as Ivanka’s Daddy denounced “new witch hunt” and slammed Chuck Schumer

NY Times details Kushner’s shadow task force, which critics say adds new layer of confusion to White House crisis management

–opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg slams Kushner, who has failed at most things he has managed

–former lawyer for National Security Council challenges Trump’s delayed, timid use of Defense Production Act

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–America’s muscular effort to get medical gear includes “pandemic gangsterism” as US hijacks supplies purchased by other countries, reports Alan McLeod

NY Times soft-pedals the thuggery, without the profiteering markets revealed by Forbes and Politico

–routine medical supplies run short, and weary front line workers are getting sick and fatigued

–Trump tries to be nice to China to get medical supplies, for a minute, as CIA reports that China has way understated cases and deaths

–in low blow, New Hampshire ER doc who volunteered in NYC is banned from staying at his brother’s apartment by co-op board

–Brooklyn landlord who owns 80 apartments declares April rent holiday

–Speaker Pelosi calls for more assistance to unemployed, unemployment offices

–at ConsortiumNews, Brooklyn-born Joe Lauria details the dark side of Gov. Cuomo

–at The Intercept, Alice Speri reveals the “stop’n’frisk” approach of NYC cops enforcing lockdown

–in WhoWhatWhy podcast, Jeff Schectman warns that rural America is likely to be hit hard

–Florida relents, allows 2 cruise ships to dock, release trapped passengers

–stock market jumped yesterday on Trump’s report that Saudis have agreed to cut oil production; looks like he lied, again, and Twitter allows it

–in Wisconsin, federal judge says he can’t stop Tuesday’s primary, but extends due date for mail-in ballots

–NRA sues to re-open gun stores that have been shut down as “not essential”

–in another domestic terrorism case taineed by paid FBI informant, Georgia man pleads guilty to plotting to attack White House

–as US lockdown shows sharp drop in crime, Mexico posts record homicide rate in March