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PBC News & Comment: Trump Hogs the Podium, Exacts Revenge and Slams the Media

After firing Capt. Crozier and IG Atkinson, Trump Muzzles Fauci as he promotes unproven drug that can be fatal…–Friday night, just after saying he won’t be wearing a mask, Trump fires the Inspector General who initiated Ukraine investigation and impeachment

–Capt. Crozier and 153 Roosevelt crew members test positive for Covid

–after trade “expert” Peter Navarro argued with Dr. Fauci on Sat, Trump continued to peddle snake oil drug that’s untested and has some fatal side effects, and pushed Fauci away from podium on Sunday

–British PM Johnson, who was cavalier about coronavirus risk, has been moved to ICU

–at last hour, waffling Wisconsin governor postpones tomorrow’s primary

–federal judge in Oklahoma puts qualified hold on abortion ban

–after Jared Kushner claimed that federal stockpile is “our stockpile, HHS scrubs website of statements that show he lied

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–at Saturday Trump sideshow, he said there are no problems with small biz loans, but it’s not true

–capitalist vultures and opportunists swoop in to exploit the crisis

Politico destroys claims that Obama didn’t alert TrumpCo to pandemic risk, there was a transition meeting 3 days before inauguration

–on HBO last night, John Oliver exposes the fraud of One America News

-in Russia, head of medical association is detained after stating that Putin is understating Covid data

–even after Trump says he “shut down” travel from China, thousands of people traveled to US and faced no screening

–UN Security Council is AWOL as Secretary General begs for action

–Saudi-Russian oil war escalates, belying Trump’s tweets last week

–ignoring OPCW whistleblowers, the agency will release report blaming Assad for all chemical attacks in Syria

–Bill McKibben says that, in the fog of crisis, Big Oil is pushing through the Keystone XL

–Venezuela’s Maduro pleads with Americans to avoid conflict, save lives

–McConnell’s protégé, Justin Walker, was just installed on district court—the youngest, unqualified nominee—and Mitch got Trump to appoint him to DC Appeals court

–latest judge at Guantanamo resigns just before we learn that he allowed secret monitoring of KSM trial

–interesting blog post from retired media critic and producer Jon Katz compares the reality shows of Trump and Cuomo