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PBC News & Comment: Navy Boss Ate His Own Words, Then Resigned

Acting Navy Secretary Modley was forced to retract his slams on Capt. Crozier, and today resigned after his speech leaked…--you can hear his speech to crew of USS Roosevelt here

--Trump’s revenge streak continues, as one Inspector General is blocked from oversight of the bailout, and HHS IG who Trump didn’t know may be next

--Trump and rich buddies have stock in French pharma firm Sanofi, which makes hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

--NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller dethrones Fauci, slams CNN reporter, defends Peter Navarro, and offers contrarian view of HCQ controversy

--NY Times gets memo that Navarro wrote in January, warning White House about risks of ignoring Covid

--dizzying chaos in Wisconsin, after vacillating governor’s order to delay primary election is overturned by Wisconsin Supreme Court and SCOTUS

--African American voters in WI are primary target of purges

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--to date, African Americans are dying from Covid at disproportionate rates

--China ends Wuhan lockdown after 10 weeks

--some European nations are planning to lift restrictions

--Treasury baron Mnuchin asks Congress for another $250 billion for small biz

--in Idaho, anti-government darling Ammon Bundy is urging people to, as they say in New Hampshire, “Live free or die”

--in The Guardian, Arwa Mahdawi op-ed exposes “supervillain” Jared Kushner

--despite state bans on evictions, Kushner companies move to bounce tenants in their apartment complexes

--Trump gives daily praise and plugs to the kindness of corporations, but his operations are stingy

--after years of inaction, TrumpCo finds a neo-Nazi group to punish, in Russia

--Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador who sheltered Julian Assange, is convicted of suspicious corruption charges

--San Francisco agrees to pay $369,000 for raid that violated the rights of reporter Bryan Carmody