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PBC News & Comment: Navy Boss Ate His Own Words, Then Resigned

Acting Navy Secretary Modley was forced to retract his slams on Capt. Crozier, and today resigned after his speech leaked…–you can hear his speech to crew of USS Roosevelt here

–Trump’s revenge streak continues, as one Inspector General is blocked from oversight of the bailout, and HHS IG who Trump didn’t know may be next

–Trump and rich buddies have stock in French pharma firm Sanofi, which makes hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

–NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller dethrones Fauci, slams CNN reporter, defends Peter Navarro, and offers contrarian view of HCQ controversy

NY Times gets memo that Navarro wrote in January, warning White House about risks of ignoring Covid

–dizzying chaos in Wisconsin, after vacillating governor’s order to delay primary election is overturned by Wisconsin Supreme Court and SCOTUS

–African American voters in WI are primary target of purges

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–to date, African Americans are dying from Covid at disproportionate rates

–China ends Wuhan lockdown after 10 weeks

–some European nations are planning to lift restrictions

–Treasury baron Mnuchin asks Congress for another $250 billion for small biz

–in Idaho, anti-government darling Ammon Bundy is urging people to, as they say in New Hampshire, “Live free or die”

–in The Guardian, Arwa Mahdawi op-ed exposes “supervillain” Jared Kushner

–despite state bans on evictions, Kushner companies move to bounce tenants in their apartment complexes

–Trump gives daily praise and plugs to the kindness of corporations, but his operations are stingy

–after years of inaction, TrumpCo finds a neo-Nazi group to punish, in Russia

–Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador who sheltered Julian Assange, is convicted of suspicious corruption charges

–San Francisco agrees to pay $369,000 for raid that violated the rights of reporter Bryan Carmody