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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Narcissism and Delusions Go Off the Charts

At another unedited “briefing”, Trump claims absolute power, tries to re-write Constitution, airs propaganda video to re-write his recent history…–the governors Trump claims authority over decline to submit, including a Republican

–California Gov. Newsom ignores Trump, announces alliance with Oregon and Washington to restart West Coast

–while Paula Reid of CBS deserves praise for challenging Der Trumper, the networks allowed Trump to re-write his failures as success in campaign style video

–at The Intercept, Robert Mackey gives excellent takedown of deceptive video

–after Don the Conman re-tweeted call to fire Fauci, the Doctor danced and ate a little crow without actually lying

–epidemiologists presents data to support Fauci’s simple claim: earlier intervention would have saved lives

–our daily Covid-19 update, curated by Linda Lewis

–at WashPost, controversial Josh Rogan pens op-ed using State Dept. cables to show that Trump administration ignored reports from Americans in China about Wuhan lab

–in SF Chronicle, legal writer Bob Egelko details slow-walking of prisoner releases in California

–many cruise ship crews are still stranded onboard

–Trump campaign vendor that uses cellphone tracking is bidding to expand dto Covid surveillance

–$1,200 payments for peons are hitting 80 million bank accounts this week

–a secret donor spent $82,000 on giftcards to help the people of Earlham, Iowa, pop. 1,450

–our PBC Community Fund gets donations, no grant applicants today

–Democrats celebrate a “win” in corrupted Wisconsin primary

NY Times delivers analysis of SCOTUS meddling in Wisconsin, with Brett Kavanaugh as likely suspected ringleader

–in Virginia, Gov. Northam offsets his blackface episode, signs bills that expand voting rights, including elimination of photo ID requirement

–Michigan Independent Justin Amash teases Libertarian run for prez

–as Obama endorses Biden, curtain is pulled back on his meddling in the primary

–AP joins corporate media in covering Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden

–at The Guardian, Jessa Crispin notes how #MeToo leaders’ squabble is overshadowing Reade’s claims

–at Politico, a strong recap of the missteps of the Sanders campaign