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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Narcissism and Delusions Go Off the Charts

At another unedited “briefing”, Trump claims absolute power, tries to re-write Constitution, airs propaganda video to re-write his recent history…--the governors Trump claims authority over decline to submit, including a Republican

--California Gov. Newsom ignores Trump, announces alliance with Oregon and Washington to restart West Coast

--while Paula Reid of CBS deserves praise for challenging Der Trumper, the networks allowed Trump to re-write his failures as success in campaign style video

--at The Intercept, Robert Mackey gives excellent takedown of deceptive video

--after Don the Conman re-tweeted call to fire Fauci, the Doctor danced and ate a little crow without actually lying

--epidemiologists presents data to support Fauci’s simple claim: earlier intervention would have saved lives

--our daily Covid-19 update, curated by Linda Lewis

--at WashPost, controversial Josh Rogan pens op-ed using State Dept. cables to show that Trump administration ignored reports from Americans in China about Wuhan lab

--in SF Chronicle, legal writer Bob Egelko details slow-walking of prisoner releases in California

--many cruise ship crews are still stranded onboard

--Trump campaign vendor that uses cellphone tracking is bidding to expand dto Covid surveillance

--$1,200 payments for peons are hitting 80 million bank accounts this week

--a secret donor spent $82,000 on giftcards to help the people of Earlham, Iowa, pop. 1,450

--our PBC Community Fund gets donations, no grant applicants today

--Democrats celebrate a “win” in corrupted Wisconsin primary

--NY Times delivers analysis of SCOTUS meddling in Wisconsin, with Brett Kavanaugh as likely suspected ringleader

--in Virginia, Gov. Northam offsets his blackface episode, signs bills that expand voting rights, including elimination of photo ID requirement

--Michigan Independent Justin Amash teases Libertarian run for prez

--as Obama endorses Biden, curtain is pulled back on his meddling in the primary

--AP joins corporate media in covering Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden

--at The Guardian, Jessa Crispin notes how #MeToo leaders’ squabble is overshadowing Reade’s claims

--at Politico, a strong recap of the missteps of the Sanders campaign