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PBC News & Comment: FBI Says Assange and Stone Communicated—in 2017

Newly released documents from FBI show direct messages between Roger Stone and Julian Assange, long after the 2016 campaign….–unsealed FBI documents in Michael Flynn case show top officials wanted to avoid the appearance of entrapment when he lied about contact with Russian ambassador

–new report on FISA court shows that FBI warrant requests dropped in 2019

–Trump wants the spies he says lie to get evidence that Covid-19 came from Wuhan labs

–listener Brian Kreowski sends this link to BBC report that brands speculation about labs as “conspiracy theories

–and Trump has a team exploring how to extract payments from China for its alleged negligence

–our Covid-19 daily update, edited by Linda Lewis, with deep coverage of Texas “reopening”

–journalist and infectious disease specialist Dr. Keren Landman says Georgia “screwed up” with inept reopening

–Jesse Jackson urges more prisoner releases as outbreaks continue in lockups nationwide

–Dr. Fauci’s optimistic report on Remdisivir might be overstated, as earlier trials were not so promising

–the drug’s maker, Gilead, promises to give away first 1.5 million doses, but has history of profiteering

–in personal essay that links war deaths to Covid deaths, Craig Murray says he was wrong about downplaying its dimensions

–Guardian reports that 100,000 cruise ship crew members are stranded on their luxury liners

–mobile phone technician in Silicon Valley got NY state to pay him $69 million for ventilators that haven’t materialized, after re-tweet by Trump

–despite oil glut, Trump administration is using pandemic to expand drilling on federal lands

–in two reports, NY Times continues to dance around Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden

–Trump blasts his campaign team for his own blunders, “I’m not fucking losing to Biden”

–the polling shows his self-inflicted wounds

–Justin Amash’s plan to run for prez as Libertarian draws interesting reactions, including Liz Mair in NY Times and Rachel Bitecofer in Guardian

–Timmon Wallis offers most lucid and unemotional criticism of Planet of the Humans that PBC has seen

–and listeners John Zweibel and Paul Lehto have different takes