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PBC News & Comment: Self-described Antifa Voice Slams Trump’s Fascism

In statement attributed to Antifa Facebook page manager, we get intelligent description of their goals and methods, with insults to Trump…–read the statement here

–as Trump vowed “law and order” in Rose garden comments, cops used tear gas to clear protesters from his path to church photo op across the street

–Catholic and Protestant clergy join politicians of both parties in denouncing 2 photo ops where a bible and a pope were used as props

–former military brass criticize Trump’s plans to use troops against protesters

–Senate considers resolution objecting to Trump’s bullying posture

–at ConsortiumNews, 2 important articles about militarization of policing, one by veteran cop Tom Nolan,

the other by Jake Johnson of Common Dreams

–some accountability for police brutality, as Louisville police chief is fired, and 6 Atlanta cops are charged with assault

–LA police chief offers bizarre equivalency as he vows to pursue looters

–worldwide, protests and critical comments reflect the visible racial inequality in US

–progressive congressional candidates of color will hold joint press event and offer their remedies tomorrow

–as Facebook employees continue to protest, and some resign, Zuckerberg defends his glaringly inconsistent position on censorship

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–as 8 states and DC vote today, data show that GOP voters are taking Trump’s advice, and avoiding voting by mail