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PBC News & Comment: Loads of Evidence of Police Brutality, Not Much for “Outside Agitators”

As more evidence piles up of police brutality, attacks on reporters, there’s not much evidence supporting claims of outsiders agitating…–Minnesota AG Keith Ellison upgrades charges on the killer cop, and charges his 3 accomplices

–records show that Minneapolis police use force against blacks 7 times more than whites

–ACLU sues Minneapolis over attacks on journalists, as Committee to Protect Journalists reports 125 press freedom violations

–more than 450 reports of NYPD abuse have been filed since last Friday

–in Denver, black female activist resigns from police review board after being shot and tear gassed by Denver cops

LA Times report finds little evidence of “outside agitators”

NY Times review of Trump’s recent false tweets include claims of lefty outside instigators, including antifa

Buzzfeed debunks 10 claims that suspicious pallets of bricks were stationed near protests

Black Agenda Report’s Margaret Kimberley lowers the boom on “black misleaders” who blame outsiders

–Venezuelan opposition leaders say Max Blumenthal is leader of pro-Maduro factions in White House protests

–black writer Niella Orr blasts Breakfast Club for interview with Rush Limbaugh

–CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou comments on Trump’s threat to use Insurrection Act of 1807, as WashPost quotes CIA vets who compare US to foreign coups they ran

–contradicting Trump, Defense boss Mark Esper (R-Raytheon) says he doesn’t want to invoke Insurrection Act

–DEA gets approval to join the anti-insurrection scrum

–Trump’s Monday stroll to St. John’s for the Bible photo op was Ivanka’s idea

— our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–Trump hand-picks 5 pharma companies to profit from meds and vaccines, and the leader of “Operation Warp Speed” was on the board of one of them, Moderna

–investigative news nonprofit reveals how much billionaires have already profited from the pandemic

–Tuesday’s primaries ended the long career of Iowa racist Steve King, and doused the aspirations of Valerie Plame

–the Inspector General for State Dept, fired at Pompeo’s urging, testified to joint committees today

–former deputy attorney general Rosenstein testified to Senate Judiciary Committee on Carter Page FISA warrant and Russiagate

NY Times continues to pump Russiagate as fact in report on Flynn-Kislyak call transcripts