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PBC News & Comment: Mad Dog Bites Trump

Retired general and former Pentagon boss Jim Mattis attacks Trump for threat to use military to suppress protests, divisive leadership…–Mattis is no hero to many Americans, but his criticism carries weight, drawing support from former chief of staff John Kelly and Sen. Lisa Murkowski

–the current Defense Secretary, Mark Esper is in trouble with Trump, and had to walk back recent comments amid veiled threat from new WH press secretary

—Former President Obama spoke up about the protests over George Floyd’s killing, delivering of hope and change message To an online forum

—Stacey Abrams, a potential VP pick for Joe Biden,acknowledged the pain, while promoting voter participation as a long-term solution

—In a video delivered on Twitter, Bernie Sanders delivered a strong message about fundamental change

—A recent poll shows that half of Sanders supporters in the presidential primary are considering a third-party route

—In a commentary in the NY Times, supreme court watcher Linda greenhouse shares her concerns about the conservative majority

—From Australia, Caitlin Johnstone observes the clash of the American dream story with the American reality story

—At the new Scheerpost, Chris Hedges offers a brilliant analysis of the class struggle that’s playing out on our streets

—An effort to reduce funding for police departments in reaction to police brutality is gaining traction

—New York mayor DiBlasio and Governor Cuomo ignore the evidence of continuing excessive use of force, last night with curfew violators

—Here in the bay area, the long troubled city of Vallejo braces for new protest following police fatal shooting of an alleged looter

—The White House quickly withdrew a video with scenes of pallets of bricks near protest sites, which they blamed on antifa

—Listener Paul Leto offered critical comments about yesterday’s coverage here of the “pallets of bricks“ allegations

—Three alleged Boogaloo boys have been arrested in Las Vegas, but the case is tainted by paid police informants

—There is internal dissent at the NY Times, over its publication of a strident opinion column by right wing Senator Tom Cotton

—The revolt at Facebook over Zuckerberg‘s decision to let Trump posts without any limits now includes former employees

—Today’s Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

Propublica report shows how dangerous tear gas is, especially because of the coronavirus

—as Trump declares another phony emergency to waive the rules for oil and gas pipelines, federal appeals court hammers lax EPA enforcement of pesticide regulation

Four activists who occupied Venezuela‘s embassy in Washington got a lecture from a judge and then settled the trespassing charges for probation and a small fine

—On the anniversary of the Chinese crack down on pro democracy activists tagged to Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong legislatureSubmits to Beijing, and approves protest restrictions, provoking protests