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PBC News & Comment: Blue Wall Crumbles in Minneapolis

At hearing, 3 cops—including 2 rookies—who watched Derek Chauvin suffocate George Floyd turn on Chauvin, a notable departure….--officers’ loyalty to bad cops is a central problem in police misconduct cases, argues PBC

--Minneapolis enacts immediate ban on police use of chokeholds

--Rev. Al Sharpton gave an impressive eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral yesterday

--at Rose Garden press event, Trump boasts about flaky unemployment numbers, and unloads cringeworthy remark “this is a great day for George Floyd”

--Biden denounces Trump’s comment as “despicable”, as he recovers from his own gaffe last night that “10-15% of Americans are just not very good people”

--armed guards defending Trump’s new White House wall display no identification and won’t say where they’re from or who they report to

--DC Mayor Muriel Bowser demands removal of the mystery militias, and renames street near White House “Black Lives Matter Plaza”

--after humiliating his defense secretary, Trump relents, sends military units back to their bases, and remaining National Guard units ordered to disarm

--ACLU and BLM sue TrumpCo for Monday’s assault on peaceful protesters, as Park Service admits that tear gas was used, contradicting Trump

--Twitter disables Trump campaign video that misappropriates Floyd’s death, due to copyright complaint

--Maine governor warns Trump to avoid divisive language as he visits Bangor today, after Gov. Mills pointedly asked him to cancel

--at Bradblog, Brad Friedman makes the case that Trump committed felony voter fraud by absentee voting in Florida

--NYPD leads the nation in brutal attacks on curfew violators, using fake taxis and dragnet “kettling” on nonviolent protesters; arrestees risk infection in jails

--at memorial for Floyd, Mayor de Blasio is booed

--Brooklyn man who was arrested after curfew faced FBI interrogation over his political beliefs

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola debunks “outside agitator” assertions

--at The Intercept, Nick Turse reveals Pentagon war game that focused on rebellion by Gen Z

--listener Andrea Hegland advocates for vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine in memo to PBC

--in our daily Covid-19 update, Linda Lewis addresses Hegland’s research

--NY Times bosses now say that Sen. Tom Cotton’s semi-fascist op-ed was the result of “rushed editorial process”

--as YouTube took down the Michael Moore/Jeff Gibbs documentary Planet of the Humans, Matt Taibbi sounds the alarm on expanding censorship

--2 Senate committees press on with investigation of the Russiagate investigation

--Gitmo’s top judge rules that defendants who were tortured can get relief at sentencing