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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Deals Trump DACA Setback

Chief Justice pens opinion that Trump can cancel DACA, but the way he did it in 2017 was invalid, unreasonable….–the ruling doesn’t prevent Trump from trying again, so we still have 700,000 potential hostages

–always the victim, Trump asks his Twitter mob if the Court “doesn’t like me”

–new poll shows negative impact of Trump’s self-inflicted wounds, as insiders tell NY Times they’re worried about “self-sabotage”

–as ex-colleague is indicted on 11 counts, Atlanta cops get “blue flu” and Trump tweets support for the killer cop

–Monday night, a security guard in Louisville was shot at by police for videotaping rough treatment of protester

–the half-brother of the black man found hanged in Palmdale was shot and killed after he pulled a gun on cops seeking a suspect

–the major California police unions that just pledged support for reforms have spent $2 million on ballot measure to undermine previous reforms

–radical criminologist Tony Platt, interviewed here in March, takes “defund the police” seriously, and wants accurate data on policing budgets

Buzzfeed report details frustration of police reformers with Democrats

–Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) launches new effort to defund the Pentagon

–NY Times opinionist Nick Kristof reports on hysterical responses to false reports of antifa actions

–Facebook pulls 80+ Trump ads that use Nazi symbol to depict antifa

–Justice Dept. proposes legislation to weaken censorship on social media

–Facebook covered up a friend’s post comparing police shootings in US to other countries, claiming it’s half-true and lacks context

–just after settlement with “content moderators” over PTSD from shocking content, Facebook orders them to spend more time doing it

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–listener Jason Ferguson in South Korea shares info on no-cost treatment for Covid in that country

–Carnival cruise lines have run aground, will be selling 6 mega cruise ships

–as Trump’s personal lawyer and AG Bill Barr amps up legal fight to block Bolton’s book, we get comments from Scott Ritter and The New Yorker’s Susan B. Glasser

–Bolton says Trump gave OK to Xi on Uighur camps, today Trump signed bill aimed at protecting Uighar rights

–Iowa passes new “ag-gag” law as North Carolina’s is mostly overturned