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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Deals Trump DACA Setback

Chief Justice pens opinion that Trump can cancel DACA, but the way he did it in 2017 was invalid, unreasonable….--the ruling doesn’t prevent Trump from trying again, so we still have 700,000 potential hostages

--always the victim, Trump asks his Twitter mob if the Court “doesn’t like me”

--new poll shows negative impact of Trump’s self-inflicted wounds, as insiders tell NY Times they’re worried about “self-sabotage”

--as ex-colleague is indicted on 11 counts, Atlanta cops get “blue flu” and Trump tweets support for the killer cop

--Monday night, a security guard in Louisville was shot at by police for videotaping rough treatment of protester

--the half-brother of the black man found hanged in Palmdale was shot and killed after he pulled a gun on cops seeking a suspect

--the major California police unions that just pledged support for reforms have spent $2 million on ballot measure to undermine previous reforms

--radical criminologist Tony Platt, interviewed here in March, takes “defund the police” seriously, and wants accurate data on policing budgets

--Buzzfeed report details frustration of police reformers with Democrats

--Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) launches new effort to defund the Pentagon

--NY Times opinionist Nick Kristof reports on hysterical responses to false reports of antifa actions

--Facebook pulls 80+ Trump ads that use Nazi symbol to depict antifa

--Justice Dept. proposes legislation to weaken censorship on social media

--Facebook covered up a friend’s post comparing police shootings in US to other countries, claiming it’s half-true and lacks context

--just after settlement with “content moderators” over PTSD from shocking content, Facebook orders them to spend more time doing it

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--listener Jason Ferguson in South Korea shares info on no-cost treatment for Covid in that country

--Carnival cruise lines have run aground, will be selling 6 mega cruise ships

--as Trump’s personal lawyer and AG Bill Barr amps up legal fight to block Bolton’s book, we get comments from Scott Ritter and The New Yorker’s Susan B. Glasser

--Bolton says Trump gave OK to Xi on Uighur camps, today Trump signed bill aimed at protecting Uighar rights

--Iowa passes new “ag-gag” law as North Carolina’s is mostly overturned