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PBC News & Comment: On Juneteenth, Tulsa Confronts Trump’s Racism

Trump’s mob rally in Tulsa will follow reinvigorated Juneteenth celebration amid heightened racial tensions that could lead to violence, like 99 years ago…--Oklahoma Supreme Court reject legal efforts to stop the rally due to Covid risk

--video evidence surfaces of unprovoked Tulsa killing of unarmed black man by white former sheriff’s jailer at motel on June 6

--Trump tweets threats to “lowlifes” that might disrupt his hatefest

--LA sheriff deputies chased and shot to death an 18-year old security guard last night

--the apparent lynchings of 2 black men in California coincide with 3 other cases of black hangings in NYC and Texas, as nooses and hung effigy are found in Oakland

--in Louisville, termination process is begun for cop who killed Breonna Taylor, as every Atlanta cop gets $500 bonus from police foundation

--as NY tabloids amplify moves by Trump and Barr, 2 Brooklyn lawyers face 45 year sentences for lobbing Molotov cocktail that fizzled in abandoned cop car

--armed white vigilantes have been welcomed by cops at many protests, reports The Intercept

--top State Dept. official resigns in protest of Trump’s comments and actions

--correction: PBC was punked by satirical post about Trump and his bowels

--investigation opens into reported use of military spy planes over Washington protests

--NY City Council, after 3 years, finally passes measure forcing disclosure of its surveillance tools, after Mayor di Blasio flips to support it

--Trump says he will try again to end DACA, in compliance with SCOTUS ruling

--in sharp analysis of opinion by Roberts, Linda Greenhouse says the Court placed new obstacles for ending DACA

--in video ad aimed at white racists, Trump campaign fabricates CNN report and uses black and white “toddlers” as props

--as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pump cash to black interests, Kevin Roose in NY Times points out how poisonous their online platforms are

--federal judge slams Bolton over book censorship process, but says he can’t stop publication

--court packer Mitch McConnell installs his 38-year-old protégé on powerful appeals court

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--HHS cuts funding for lung treatments related to Covid

--Navy’s second investigation into outbreak on USS Roosevelt leads to different outcome: Capt. Crozier will not be reinstated

--in Los Angeles, federal judge orders City to find housing for up to 7,000 homeless people at risk for coronavirus

--in midnight vote at end of session, Tennessee Republicans ram through the most extreme abortion restriction, at 6 weeks of pregnancy

--facing reality over her bad record on prosecuting bad cops, Sen. Amy Klobuchar withdraws from VP consideration

--weekend reads: David Sirota on the Colorado Dem Senate race

--Ben Norton at The Grayzone on regime change plots in Mexico