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PBC News & Comment: Did Trump’s Tide Turn in Tulsa?

Tiny crowd in Tulsa embarrasses Trump campaign, but his bizarre, rambling performance shows his desperation to maintain grip on his base…--he departed from scripted attacks on Dems and media to whine about coverage of his West Point graduation speech a week ago

--teens on TikTok punked the organizers and had some impact on low turnout of MAGA’s

--Tom Petty’s family complains about Trump playing “I Won’t Back Down”

-AG Bill Barr bungles effort to oust NY fed prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, appearing to fulfill Trump pledge to Turkey’s Erdogan exposed by Bolton

--Berman’s interim replacement, Audrey Strauss, is likely to continue Trump-ralted prosecutions

--“friends of Geoffrey” allege that a whistleblower case about fraud in Puerto Rico may have been a factor, too

--James Risen says this shows that Barr has only one client, Trump

--more revelations from Bolton on N. Korea, Venezuela and Johnny Moustache’s pledge not to vote for Trump

--Trump backtracks on possible meeting with Venezuela’s Maduro

--discredited journalist Luke Harding quotes discredited dossier creator Christopher Steele that Putin has a “likely hold” over Trump

--Euro signers of Iran nuke deal issue resolution of concern that Iran is resisting inspections

--NY cop used chokehold on a suspect Sunday, 9 days after it was outlawed, and Alan Mcleod has the dirty details of the officer’s past

--over the weekend, 2 protester-on-protester shootings reported in Seattle, 1 in Atlanta, plus a fatal shooting at nightclub in Minneapolis, 106 shot with 14 killed in Chicago

--when killer cop Derek Chauvin went to jail, black offers were told to stand down

--family of man found hanged in Victorville, CA did kill himself, family says after seeing video

--in addition to aerial surveillance of protests in 15 cities, FBI used its most advanced spy plane to watch DC streets

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--Jason Leopold forced release of unredacted Mueller files, showing that Roger Stone boasted of tips from Wikileaks, but no evidence is offere

--Trump escalates his dark fantasies about mail-in ballots

--Thomas Frank resurfaces with Guardian op-ed about Joe Biden’s mystique