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PBC News & Comment: Did Trump’s Tide Turn in Tulsa?

Tiny crowd in Tulsa embarrasses Trump campaign, but his bizarre, rambling performance shows his desperation to maintain grip on his base…–he departed from scripted attacks on Dems and media to whine about coverage of his West Point graduation speech a week ago

–teens on TikTok punked the organizers and had some impact on low turnout of MAGA’s

–Tom Petty’s family complains about Trump playing “I Won’t Back Down”

-AG Bill Barr bungles effort to oust NY fed prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, appearing to fulfill Trump pledge to Turkey’s Erdogan exposed by Bolton

–Berman’s interim replacement, Audrey Strauss, is likely to continue Trump-ralted prosecutions

–“friends of Geoffrey” allege that a whistleblower case about fraud in Puerto Rico may have been a factor, too

–James Risen says this shows that Barr has only one client, Trump

–more revelations from Bolton on N. Korea, Venezuela and Johnny Moustache’s pledge not to vote for Trump

–Trump backtracks on possible meeting with Venezuela’s Maduro

–discredited journalist Luke Harding quotes discredited dossier creator Christopher Steele that Putin has a “likely hold” over Trump

–Euro signers of Iran nuke deal issue resolution of concern that Iran is resisting inspections

–NY cop used chokehold on a suspect Sunday, 9 days after it was outlawed, and Alan Mcleod has the dirty details of the officer’s past

–over the weekend, 2 protester-on-protester shootings reported in Seattle, 1 in Atlanta, plus a fatal shooting at nightclub in Minneapolis, 106 shot with 14 killed in Chicago

–when killer cop Derek Chauvin went to jail, black offers were told to stand down

–family of man found hanged in Victorville, CA did kill himself, family says after seeing video

–in addition to aerial surveillance of protests in 15 cities, FBI used its most advanced spy plane to watch DC streets

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–Jason Leopold forced release of unredacted Mueller files, showing that Roger Stone boasted of tips from Wikileaks, but no evidence is offere

–Trump escalates his dark fantasies about mail-in ballots

–Thomas Frank resurfaces with Guardian op-ed about Joe Biden’s mystique