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PBC News & Comment: Will GOP Suspend Push to Kill Obamacare?

As court deadline nears, GOP strategists worry that killing Obamacare during pandemic, with no replacement could kill them politically….–healthcare industry—including some Catholic hospitals—object to Trump effort to allow sex discrimination against gays and trans under Obamacare

–at State Dept. Pompeo panel will soon issue report extected to redefine human rights in a Christian way

–Missouri appeals court upholds verdict but cuts amount of damages against Johnson and Johnson for asbestos in baby powder

The Guardian exposes a water crisis in America, as high water rates leave people broke and thirsty

–Trump is in Arizona, worshipping at his wall, and will hold a youth rally in Phoenix

–Trump signals that he wants to send another check to Americans before the election

–DC police clear “occupation” after attempt to pull down statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square

–Seattle’s mayor is signaling an end to occupied zone, and listener Paul Lehto corrects our report on Modnay, saying shooting was likely from white supremacists, not other protesters

–Senate Dems are rejecting the GOP policing bill that Republicans want to pass

WashPost examines cuts to police force in Vallejo, downplays racism, and implies that “defunding” is bad

–white Catholic priest calls Oakland’s bishop a racist and a liar over treatment of black parishes

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–environmental reporter Steve Horn says California issued fracking permits under fog of pandemic

–in delayed primary election, NY voters encounter problems

–major advertisers pause campaign on Facebook over hate speech policies

–Gareth Porter offers important context for recent IAEA resolution against Iran