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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Admits Bountygate Is Unproven

Dems whacked Pentagon boss over Russian bounties story right after NY Times editorial acknowledged it’s unproven, exposing craven Dem hawks…–our colleague Patrick Martin at World Socialist Website exposes the yellow journalism aimed at keeping US mired in Afghanistan

–Caitlin Johnstone cites new poll showing only 21% of Americans found the claims “not credible”

–Glenn Greenwald suffered through 14 hours of C-Span to expose the grotesque Liz Cheney amendments to a more grotesque $740 billion Pentagon budget bill

–and Friday’s NY Times is still peddling the bullshit as fact

–in otherwise excellent pummeling of attacks by Trump and Tucker Carlson, Sen. Tammy Duckworth plays the RussiaBountygate card

–in a brief break from bashing The Gray Lady, PBC praises its editorial on SCOTUS decisions on Trump tax returns

–pollster Clifford Young comments on his polling, Trump’s “Great Unraveling”

–Victim-in-Chief plays to white Americans’ grievances

–Rush Limbaugh defends Trump bigly, citing commentary by Conrad Black, the criminal Canadian publisher that the Don pardoned

WashPost spins the modest moves by Biden to win Sanders supporters as dangerous lurch to the left

–in Seattle, Jonah Lehto reports majority of Seattle city council embraces 50% cut in police budget, meeting demands of CHOP activists

Seattle Protest Report. 7.10.20

–New York’s occupation near City Hall is losing steam

–Universities are re-thinking police presence on campuses

–in Salt Lake City, protests over exoneration of cops in shooting lead to state of emergency

–second investigation by LA Sheriff finds that Robert Fuller, 24-year-old Black man found hanging from tree in Palmdale, had suicidal history

–in fresh, in-depth interview instigated by listener Abbie McMillan, author and journalist Colin Woodard explains regional differences in pandemic response

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–activists demand action and inmate releases at embattled San Quentin prison

–in Connecticut, judge dismisses murder charges against 2 men who served 30 years in prison on wrongful convictions

–it appears that the fires at Iran nuclear center in Natanz were the result of a US-Israeli plot

–at MintPress, Leonardo Flores compares Biden to Trump on Venezuela, differences are few

–as Trump cancels rally in New Hampshire and blames Fay, NOAA inspector general reports on the Sharpie line that falsely predicted hurricane hit in Alabama last year

–judge in Mike Flynn cases appeals to his appeals court for full hearing

–Trump’s consumer protection agency protects predatory payday lenders

–private equity appears to have squelched regulation to end “surprise billing”

–US Catholic Church snagged as much as $3.5 billion in bailout funds