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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Admits Bountygate Is Unproven

Dems whacked Pentagon boss over Russian bounties story right after NY Times editorial acknowledged it’s unproven, exposing craven Dem hawks…--our colleague Patrick Martin at World Socialist Website exposes the yellow journalism aimed at keeping US mired in Afghanistan

--Caitlin Johnstone cites new poll showing only 21% of Americans found the claims “not credible”

--Glenn Greenwald suffered through 14 hours of C-Span to expose the grotesque Liz Cheney amendments to a more grotesque $740 billion Pentagon budget bill

--and Friday’s NY Times is still peddling the bullshit as fact

--in otherwise excellent pummeling of attacks by Trump and Tucker Carlson, Sen. Tammy Duckworth plays the RussiaBountygate card

--in a brief break from bashing The Gray Lady, PBC praises its editorial on SCOTUS decisions on Trump tax returns

--pollster Clifford Young comments on his polling, Trump’s “Great Unraveling”

--Victim-in-Chief plays to white Americans’ grievances

--Rush Limbaugh defends Trump bigly, citing commentary by Conrad Black, the criminal Canadian publisher that the Don pardoned

--WashPost spins the modest moves by Biden to win Sanders supporters as dangerous lurch to the left

--in Seattle, Jonah Lehto reports majority of Seattle city council embraces 50% cut in police budget, meeting demands of CHOP activists

Seattle Protest Report. 7.10.20

--New York’s occupation near City Hall is losing steam

--Universities are re-thinking police presence on campuses

--in Salt Lake City, protests over exoneration of cops in shooting lead to state of emergency

--second investigation by LA Sheriff finds that Robert Fuller, 24-year-old Black man found hanging from tree in Palmdale, had suicidal history

--in fresh, in-depth interview instigated by listener Abbie McMillan, author and journalist Colin Woodard explains regional differences in pandemic response

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--activists demand action and inmate releases at embattled San Quentin prison

--in Connecticut, judge dismisses murder charges against 2 men who served 30 years in prison on wrongful convictions

--it appears that the fires at Iran nuclear center in Natanz were the result of a US-Israeli plot

--at MintPress, Leonardo Flores compares Biden to Trump on Venezuela, differences are few

--as Trump cancels rally in New Hampshire and blames Fay, NOAA inspector general reports on the Sharpie line that falsely predicted hurricane hit in Alabama last year

--judge in Mike Flynn cases appeals to his appeals court for full hearing

--Trump’s consumer protection agency protects predatory payday lenders

--private equity appears to have squelched regulation to end “surprise billing”

--US Catholic Church snagged as much as $3.5 billion in bailout funds