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PBC News & Comment: Twitter Hacked as Cozy Bear Looks for Vaccine Data

Twitter humiliated by brazen hack of celebrity accounts, as NSA claims Russia’s Cozy Bear is snooping at Covid vaccine labs–in Terre Haute, another all-night vigil leads to execution as SCOTUS ignores that Wesley Purkey has Alzheimer’s

–The Court also allowed Florida to keep some ex-felons from voting

–“Justice” Dept. effort to silence Michael Cohen is unconstitutional

–NYPD has new rules that compromise press freedom

–in NYC, unsolved shootings raise questions of police slow down

–in comment that more white people are killed by cops, Trump contradicted his Law’n’Order memes, comments Malaiki Jabali

–Berkeley moves forward with some cuts to police budget, and plan to take armed cops off traffic enforcement

–correspondent Jonah Lehto reports that Seattle protests continue, with new occupied camp  Seattle Protest Report.7.16.20

NY Times rates Covid treatment prospects: Remdesivir good, hydroxychloroquine bad

–Novovax got $1.6 billion to develop its first vaccine, with help from friends of the Gates Foundation

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis, here are reliable sites for Covid data:

(1) Probably best known tracking site is the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine’s COVID-19 Dashboard. The Dashboard provides information on cases, deaths, testing and trends.

Other trackers include the following:

(2) STAT News’ “Covid-19 Tracker” that publishes numbers and graphs for countries, states and counties showing rolling averages, rates of infections and deaths per 100,000 people.

(3) The New York Times’ “Latest Map and Case Count” groups results according to whether new cases are increasing, decreasing, or staying the same.

(4) CIDRAP ‘s list of COVID-19 Maps & Visuals includes more sources of national and worldwide cases

(5) The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project

The website has a banner headline that reads, “The public deserves the most complete data available about COVID-19 in the US. No official source is providing it, so we are.” The website prominently mentions a new “The COVID Racial Data Tracker . . . a collaboration between the COVID Tracking Project and the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research.”

–tax evader Apple wins $15 billion relief from Eurozone regulators who challenged Irish tax dodges

–Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley joins his Republican governor and Trump in interfering in prosecutor’s investigation of couple who brandished guns at protesters

–Trump and Ivanka publicly promote Goya products, and she’s breaking the law

–at MintPress, Riva Enteen makes provocative argument: Dump the Democrats

NY Times goes deep in report that tries to explain Colin Powell’s false claims in UN speech just before invasion of Iraq