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PBC News & Comment: Trump Deploys Federales in Portland Over Local Objections

Federal agents in riot gear roam Portland streets, grabbing protesters without probable cause under Trump orders that defy local authorities…

MintPress has good coverage, along with Oregon Public Broadcasting

–Oregon’s dark history of racism and support for the Confederacy is exposed in column by Prof. Peter Laufer of U of Oregon Lane County

–in Seattle, Democrats and others amp up efforts to impeach or force resignation of Mayor Durkan, Jonah Lehto reports

The Intercept updates the right wing activism for profit of the Dorr brothers, who agitated end-the-lockdown protests

–and the WashPost reveals the lefty provocateur who staged fake flag burning event at Gettysburg that drew armed vigilantes

–as Biden campaign rakes in big cash from 1% and corporate types, Rush Limbaugh warns of Marxist-Communist agenda

–DNC tells delegates they aren’t invited to scaled back “convention” in Milwaukee

–it’s official, progressive Jamaal Bowman has defeated Eliot Engel, 16-term incumbent

–AOC and other rogressives are pressing Gov. Cuomo to support billionaires’ tax

–Twitter continues to investigate the big hack this week

–NY Times digs deep in coverage of alleged Russian hacking of vaccine labs, as Yasha Levine and Caitlin Johnstone laugh out loud

–Justice Ginsburg is now being treated for liver cancer, says she’s still up to the job

–SCOTUS majority embraced GOP voter suppression in rejection of Florida case on voting by ex-felons

–VOTER FRAUD!!! GOP Rep. Steve Watkins of Kansas faces 3 felony charges

–as banksters prepare for major loan defaults, foreclosure king Steve Mnuchin tells Congress more bailouts are needed

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–current research on Covid-19 antibodies shows that re-infection is widely possible, so vaccines might not be effective

–Asheville, NC council approves plan to offer some reparations to Blacks

–Pentagon effectively bans Confederate flag, without listing it as banned

–The Washington NFL team that dropped its racist brand name is accused of sexual harassment, verbal abuse