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PBC News & Comment: Trump Deploys Federales in Portland Over Local Objections

Federal agents in riot gear roam Portland streets, grabbing protesters without probable cause under Trump orders that defy local authorities…

--MintPress has good coverage, along with Oregon Public Broadcasting

--Oregon’s dark history of racism and support for the Confederacy is exposed in column by Prof. Peter Laufer of U of Oregon Lane County

--in Seattle, Democrats and others amp up efforts to impeach or force resignation of Mayor Durkan, Jonah Lehto reports

--The Intercept updates the right wing activism for profit of the Dorr brothers, who agitated end-the-lockdown protests

--and the WashPost reveals the lefty provocateur who staged fake flag burning event at Gettysburg that drew armed vigilantes

--as Biden campaign rakes in big cash from 1% and corporate types, Rush Limbaugh warns of Marxist-Communist agenda

--DNC tells delegates they aren’t invited to scaled back “convention” in Milwaukee

--it’s official, progressive Jamaal Bowman has defeated Eliot Engel, 16-term incumbent

--AOC and other rogressives are pressing Gov. Cuomo to support billionaires’ tax

--Twitter continues to investigate the big hack this week

--NY Times digs deep in coverage of alleged Russian hacking of vaccine labs, as Yasha Levine and Caitlin Johnstone laugh out loud

--Justice Ginsburg is now being treated for liver cancer, says she’s still up to the job

--SCOTUS majority embraced GOP voter suppression in rejection of Florida case on voting by ex-felons

--VOTER FRAUD!!! GOP Rep. Steve Watkins of Kansas faces 3 felony charges

--as banksters prepare for major loan defaults, foreclosure king Steve Mnuchin tells Congress more bailouts are needed

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--current research on Covid-19 antibodies shows that re-infection is widely possible, so vaccines might not be effective

--Asheville, NC council approves plan to offer some reparations to Blacks

--Pentagon effectively bans Confederate flag, without listing it as banned

--The Washington NFL team that dropped its racist brand name is accused of sexual harassment, verbal abuse