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PBC News & Comment: As Storm Troopers Hit Seattle, Local Cops Suck Their Thumbs

Facing more protests, Seattle police chief warns cops can’t deal with new restrictions, as Trump Troops descend, judge violates media rights…Seattle Times reports arrival of federal agents

–read police chief’s letter here

–report on the judge’s order to media outlets is here

–in Portland, federal agents passed more gas last night

–Portland City Council passes measures to block local cops from collaborating with feds

The Intercept reports there has been collaboration

–federal judge issues 14-day injunction protecting reporters covering protests

–as Congress dithers over relief package, millions face eviction and homelessness

–Democratic platform calls for defense cuts and end to regime change wars, as Democrats in Congress approve massive spending

–addressing harassment charges, DC progressives defend Pelosi challenger Shahid Buttar, as staff complaints surface

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–bicoastal listener contributions: Abbie McMillan in Maine shares article on lab origin of Covid; and from Washington state, Andrea Hegland sends op-ed by Yale epidemiologist who supports hydroxychloroquine

–Twitter hack investigation reveals control dashboard for censorship

–drug kingpins, the Sackler family, use bankruptcy to escape liability for opioid crisis

–China retaliates, orders US consulate in Chengdu closed

–US fighter jets blamed for buzzing airliner over Syria

Buzzfeed confirms speculation here that Dems’ new Russian interference claims are related to Giuliani’s Ukraine gambit

–the curtain is lifting on UFO research