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In-Depth Interview: Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney Has More Proof Debunking Russiagate

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Bill Binney, former NSA technical director who blew the whistle on domestic surveillance, blows it again about Russiagate.Binney has been a frequent guest here, especially since 2016, and continues to show that the claim that Russian intelligence hacked the DNC servers and gave the data to WikiLeaks has never been proven, and that there is forensic evidence and testimony, like from Craig Murray, that the DNC was victim of a leak, not a hack.

We discuss the media blackout of Binney’s evidence, even by allies of Trump.  We talk about the sworn testimony of Crowdstrike’s Shawn Henry, where he acknowledged there was never any evidence that Russian operatives “exfiltrated” material from the DNC network.

Robert Mueller also ignored the evidence offered by Binney and Murray in his investigation.  More recently, Binney offered information in the trials of Roger Stone and Mike Flynn, but the courts were not interested.

Binney makes a very strong case that Russiagate was a product of the intelligence community, and says he hopes that will be revealed in the investigation being run by US Attorney John Durham.