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PBC News & Comment: Was Beirut Blast an Accident, or Attack?

Megablast that leveled Beirut’s port is attributed to huge stock of ammonium nitrate—but was ignition an “attack”, as Trump suggested?…–Israel often prefers ambiguity, but has issued denial, as Trump said “our great generals” think it could’ve been an attack

Tikun Olam blogger Richard Silverstein says a high-level Israeli source claims the blast was caused by Israel, trying to hit Hezbollah arms cache

–yesterday, your humble host wasn’t alone in noticing Trump’s schizy position on mail-in ballots: OK in Florida, not in Nevada

–in postponed primary elections, mostly conducted by mail, progressives post some wins, and Kris Kobach is vanquished in Kansas

–but to date, only 7 incumbent House members have lost primaries

–Sen. Lindsey Graham hammers former acting AG Sally Yates over Flynn investigation

–Sen. Ted Cruz repeatedly lies about Oakland murder of federal security guard, blaming antifa instead of Boogaloo

–last night, Portland police declared a riot after minor clash at their police union HQ

–feds now owe Portland $584,000 for erected unpermitted fence

–Seattle mayor and police chief try to talk Council out of more police cuts

–Facebook removes or flags false claims made in ads, except for Trump

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis; get more info on blood clots and strokes here

–data system glitch in California undercounts Covid cases

–insurance companies are denying claims for “business interruption” policyholders

–the latest State Department inspector general has quit

Wall Street Journal reports Saudis have built facility to process yellowcake uranium, with help from China

–Pence’s former chief of staff and Don Jr. join enviros seeking to block gold mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska

MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary quits and criticizes the network for its distorted content