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PBC News & Comment: Was Beirut Blast an Accident, or Attack?

Megablast that leveled Beirut’s port is attributed to huge stock of ammonium nitrate—but was ignition an “attack”, as Trump suggested?...--Israel often prefers ambiguity, but has issued denial, as Trump said “our great generals” think it could’ve been an attack

--Tikun Olam blogger Richard Silverstein says a high-level Israeli source claims the blast was caused by Israel, trying to hit Hezbollah arms cache

--yesterday, your humble host wasn’t alone in noticing Trump’s schizy position on mail-in ballots: OK in Florida, not in Nevada

--in postponed primary elections, mostly conducted by mail, progressives post some wins, and Kris Kobach is vanquished in Kansas

--but to date, only 7 incumbent House members have lost primaries

--Sen. Lindsey Graham hammers former acting AG Sally Yates over Flynn investigation

--Sen. Ted Cruz repeatedly lies about Oakland murder of federal security guard, blaming antifa instead of Boogaloo

--last night, Portland police declared a riot after minor clash at their police union HQ

--feds now owe Portland $584,000 for erected unpermitted fence

--Seattle mayor and police chief try to talk Council out of more police cuts

--Facebook removes or flags false claims made in ads, except for Trump

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis; get more info on blood clots and strokes here

--data system glitch in California undercounts Covid cases

--insurance companies are denying claims for “business interruption” policyholders

--the latest State Department inspector general has quit

--Wall Street Journal reports Saudis have built facility to process yellowcake uranium, with help from China

--Pence’s former chief of staff and Don Jr. join enviros seeking to block gold mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska

--MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary quits and criticizes the network for its distorted content