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In-Depth Interview: Fordham Media Prof. Robin Andersen Asks: Is It OK to Talk About the Record and Policies of Kamala Harris?

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Prof. Robin Andersen comments on VP pick Sen. Kamala Harris, facing nasty attacks from the right and criticism from the left for her political record.Andersen is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University. She also directs the Peace and Justice Studies Program. She wrote this commentary for FAIR.

We open with brief comments on the pro-war tone of the just-concluded Democratic National Convention.  Andersen then recounts some of the ugly smears, sexist and racist attacks that have been launched against Harris by Trump and allies.

PBC asks for advice on how to fairly criticize Harris for her record as San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General.  Here rise was aided by former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, with whom Harris had a relationship for several years.  This has produced misogynist attacks on Harris that are partly based on facts.

We also discuss the Democratic bubble placed over Biden and Harris, seeking to squelch honest criticism of their records in the interest of ending Trump’s presidency.  It’s a lively conversation that touches on the convention and many aspects of the 2020 campaign.