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PBC News & Comment: Please, Mr. Postman, Deliver the Letter!

Trump donor and postal demolition pointman Louis DeJoy spoke to Senate committee today, adding more confusion to mail delays, election impact…–DeJoy stammered his way through friendly comments from GOP and angry attakcs from Democrats, and did not clarify key issues

–Trump tells Hannity the GOP will deploy pollwatchers and sheriffs, in violation of 1981 court order

–new Ipsos poll shows wide partisan divide over election integrity and credibility

–California wildfires now number more than 500, with 5 dead and uncounted structures destroyed, and Trump offers the same advice

–as Appeals Court freezes lower court ruling, Uber and Lyft cancel plans to suspend service in California, but there is a key condition

–in Sacramento, Dem-controlled legislature kills police excessive force bill prompted by George Floyd killing

–in final night of Dem ghost convention, Joe Biden claims nomination in speech that exceeded low expectations

–Trump counters Biden’s darkness with cataclysmic warnings

–pundits didn’t like MC Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, but PBC did

–in new PBC interview, Fordham media professor Robin Andersen talks about Kamala Harris, and efforts to squelch criticism from her left

–at Russia’s propaganda outpost, Scott Ritter offers good critique

WashPost serves up dark warnings of Russian interference, with little evidence

Fox fossil Lou Dobbs blames Deep State for Bannon’s arrest, but Steverino doesn’t believe in Deep State

WashPost explains Postal Service police

–at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone takes down QAnon

–economic update projects big drop in consumer spending in August, but notes that Americans have been saving more lately

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

NY Times analysis article is on target: in seeking to isolate Iran, US isolates itself

–Trump plans to sell advanced fighter jets to UAE, over Netanyahu objections

MintPress reports that foundered ship off Yemen coast could produce a blast bigger than Beirut’s