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PBC News & Comment: Cops Kill Young Black Men in Wisconsin, Louisiana

Lafayette, LA police killed Trayford Pellerin at convenience store Friday; Kenosha, WI cops shot Jacob Blake 7 times in the back….--protests erupt in both cities

--officer is fired in Gwinnett County, GA following attempt to arrest woman suspected of throwing a bottle at a car; incident captured on TikTok video

--weekend protests in Portland: Saturday skirmish with pro-cop demonstrators, Sunday action amped up by Kenosha incident

--Facebook is censoring pages of lefty groups it falsely equates with QAnon

--Tennessee GOP amends law to deny voting to protesters camped on Capitol grounds

--Manhattan DA is chasing Don, Jr. for deposition in case of doctored financial documents

--secretly recorded by niece Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s sister Marryanne Barry, a retired judge, unloads on her little brother

--after public family breakdown, Kellyanne Conway says she will leave the White House; 15-year-old daughter Claudia went ballistic over mom’s convention spot

--Jerry Falwell, Jr. reveals his wife had an affair, says they were blackmailed by her lover, who says Jerry liked to watch

--AG Bill Barr uses alternative facts to depict Snowden as a traitor

--Twitter flags and covers Trump tweet that lies about mail-in voting

--in rare Saturday, session, House passed $25 billion to restore postal services

--Postmaster Louis DeJoy squirms and shows anger in House hearing today

--Steve Mnuchin is the hidden hand behind USPS changes

--Australian satirists cover our Post Office crisis in new video

--7 dead, 250,000 evacuated as wildfires rage in California

--as many schools try to open, Zoom crashes bigly for 4 hours

--PBC’s former producer, Joshua Emerson Smith, takes family leave as newspaper reporter so he can stay home with first grader and kindergartner

--our daily Covid-19 report, edited by Linda Lewis

--Covid correspondence from listeners Olivier de Mirleau and Dick Atlee

--link to Plandemic II: Indoctornation is here