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PBC News & Comment: Dems Recruit New Wave Candidates from Military, Intelligence

Reporter Patrick Martin returns to detail the incumbent “CIA Democrats” and a new crop of candidates from military and spy communities…

--as Trump fabricates and exaggerates criticism of Biden and Democrats, here are 5 accurate criticisms of the party

--blogger Keaton Weiss talks back to Obama’s DNC speech

--new Reuters poll shows 25% of voters want none of the above

--breaking 48-year history, Biden platform approves of nuclear energy

—at The Week, Bonnie Kristian says the anti-war wing of both parties is dead

--Biden campaign makes

to Linda Sarsour, after declaring her anti-Semitic

--for unknown reasons, Manhattan DA is holding back on demand for Trump’s financial records, The Hill reports

--grilled on Capitol Hill, Postmaster DeJoy could state cost of mailing a postcard

--anonymous postal worker wants you to know 4 things

--as protests continue in Kenosha, WI Gov. Evers promises police reforms

--police shooting of Jacob Blake renews protests in Seattle and Portland

--FBI continues to treat environmental protesters as terrorists, reports The Intercept

--in California, containment of wildfires improves slightly

--California Supreme Court overturns the death sentence of Scott Peterson, while upholding his conviction for murdering pregnant wife

--Jerry Falwell, Jr. resigns from Liberty U, saying that cuckold/voyeur claims by his wife’s lover are “90 percent false”

--RNC convention debuts with apocalyptic attacks on Biden and Dems, based on lies and exaggerations that Trump tweets constantly

--fact checkers can’t keep up

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--at MondoWeiss, Donald Johnson undercuts Russiagate and its believers

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern decimates Russiagate and its spawn

--Gail Sheehy dies at age 83, a journalist and author who earned great respect