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PBC News & Comment: Dems Recruit New Wave Candidates from Military, Intelligence

Reporter Patrick Martin returns to detail the incumbent “CIA Democrats” and a new crop of candidates from military and spy communities…

–as Trump fabricates and exaggerates criticism of Biden and Democrats, here are 5 accurate criticisms of the party

–blogger Keaton Weiss talks back to Obama’s DNC speech

–new Reuters poll shows 25% of voters want none of the above

–breaking 48-year history, Biden platform approves of nuclear energy

—at The Week, Bonnie Kristian says the anti-war wing of both parties is dead

–Biden campaign makes

to Linda Sarsour, after declaring her anti-Semitic

–for unknown reasons, Manhattan DA is holding back on demand for Trump’s financial records, The Hill reports

–grilled on Capitol Hill, Postmaster DeJoy could state cost of mailing a postcard

–anonymous postal worker wants you to know 4 things

–as protests continue in Kenosha, WI Gov. Evers promises police reforms

–police shooting of Jacob Blake renews protests in Seattle and Portland

–FBI continues to treat environmental protesters as terrorists, reports The Intercept

–in California, containment of wildfires improves slightly

–California Supreme Court overturns the death sentence of Scott Peterson, while upholding his conviction for murdering pregnant wife

–Jerry Falwell, Jr. resigns from Liberty U, saying that cuckold/voyeur claims by his wife’s lover are “90 percent false”

–RNC convention debuts with apocalyptic attacks on Biden and Dems, based on lies and exaggerations that Trump tweets constantly

–fact checkers can’t keep up

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–at MondoWeiss, Donald Johnson undercuts Russiagate and its believers

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern decimates Russiagate and its spawn

–Gail Sheehy dies at age 83, a journalist and author who earned great respect