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In-Depth Interview: Reporter Patrick Martin Reviews “CIA Democrats” Class of 2020

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Reporter Patrick Martin returns to profile military and intelligence veterans who are running for Congress as Democrats this year….Patrick Martin is a Detroit-based journalist who writes for World Socialist Website.

As he did in 2018, Martin has studied all of the Democratic candidates for House and Senate this year, and compiled information to identify those with military and/or intelligence backgrounds.  He has published 2 articles, here and here.

We first discuss 3 Democratic challengers running for Senate seats, then talk about the 11 House incumbents running. We talk about Colorado’s Jason Crow, who recently co-sponsored–with Rep. Liz Cheney–an amendment which sharply limits the President’s authority to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.  It passed with a big, bipartisan majority.

Then we talk about the group of challengers all over the US who will be on the ballot in November.  Martin offers key details about these candidates and races. Our commentary follows the order of the articles, for the most part, so click on the links above to get more info about each district we mention.