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PBC News & Comment: Young Vigilante is Suspect in Deaths of 2 Protesters in Kenosha

Reports indicate 17-year-old white shooter was not detained by police after 3 protesters were shot and 2 died in Kenosha….--We compare sketchy report from NY Times with detailed story from MintPress News

--protests in San Luis Obispo, CA, demand that charges be dropped for activist Tianna Arata

--on 90th straight night of protest, cops declare a riot, again, as minor damage is done to city hall

--after Mayor Durkin vetoes police reforms in budget, Seattle council takes scheduled break to consider response

--Trump’s international piracy of Syrian oil confirmed by Pompeo in July Senate hearing

--Trump’s interference to force sale of TikTok to American company, with payoff to Treasury Dept. is another type of piracy

--Iran allows nuclear inspectors, upholding agreement that US breached

--in follow-up report on Beirut mega-blast, LA Times dismisses “conspiracy theories”

--as Gareth Porter, at The Grayzone, exposes long-running Israeli efforts to frame Hezbollah

--the DHS agency that processes legal immigration avoids furloughs, for now

--in 2018, under pressure from Trump, DHS discussed using “heat-ray” weapon on migrants at border during “caravan” hysteria

--hunger and homelessness loom for many Americans, as RNC convention gaslights with false narrative of Covid response and Melania feigns compassion

--Night 2 featured Melania, Eric and Tiffany, displaying Trump family values while attacking Biden

--Kimberly Guilfoyle’s high-decibel speech Monday has prompted online imitators

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--this short video argues that PCR tests after a surge produce many false positives, and notes that key European countries have seen few deaths since May

--Kevin Gosztola reports that media access to Assange trial is uncertain

--cooler weather helps firefighters gain containment in California wildfires

--Squaw Valley ski resort agrees to change its name

--in Orange County, wealthy Catholic donors who run foundation fight back after bishop fires them for refusing to transfer cash to diocese, in violation of la