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PBC News & Comment: Led by NBA, Pro Athletes Strike Over Kenosha Shootings

Outraged by shootings by cop and young vigilante, Milwaukee Bucks lead walkout of NBA playoffs, followed by baseball teams, others…–one of the victims of the accused vigilante was Anthony Huber, a close friend of a cousin of Steve Horn, the environmental reporter

–Dave Zirin, who writes about the culture of sports, frames the walkout in The Nation

–on the Daily Show, Trevor Noah pauses the jokes for serious comments

–Kyle Rittenhouse is 17-year-old dropout with obsessions about cops and Trump

–former Kenosha alderman invited armed vigilantes to join “Kenosha Guard”

NY Times constructed a timeline of events

–Kenosha police chief and local sheriff attempt narrative control to downplay actions of cops before the shooting

–Trump’s tweets and rhetoric, packaged for GOP convention, may have influenced Rittenhouse

–former FBI agent Mike German recaps FBI’s failure to monitor armed white extremist groups; he discussed this with PBC last December

–protests occurred in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities

–in RNC speech, Mike Pence infuriated your humble host by ignoring Jacob Blake and vigilante shootings, then lied about May murder of security guard in Oakland

–to illustrate the carnage in America’s streets, RNC used footage of violence from Barcelona

–RNC speakers only promote Trump as messiah, leaving GOP candidates to sink or swim;

–lies and misrepresentations are at the core of Trump’s propaganda

–Melania said Trump fixed the opioid crisis, but the facts contradict her

–Pelosi says Biden shouldn’t debate Trump

–another book based on White House insider details Trump’s “crazy shit”

–Hurricane Laura hammers Louisiana and Texas, but not as badly as forecast

–listener Henry Garciga in San Luis Obispo objects to PBC comments on local protest and leader Tianna Arata

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–new Postal Service trick: the mail you’re expecting is being held at the post office at your request

–Cyber Command, Pentagon and National Guard team up to block Russian election meddling