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PBC News & Comment: Led by NBA, Pro Athletes Strike Over Kenosha Shootings

Outraged by shootings by cop and young vigilante, Milwaukee Bucks lead walkout of NBA playoffs, followed by baseball teams, others…--one of the victims of the accused vigilante was Anthony Huber, a close friend of a cousin of Steve Horn, the environmental reporter

--Dave Zirin, who writes about the culture of sports, frames the walkout in The Nation

--on the Daily Show, Trevor Noah pauses the jokes for serious comments

--Kyle Rittenhouse is 17-year-old dropout with obsessions about cops and Trump

--former Kenosha alderman invited armed vigilantes to join “Kenosha Guard”

--NY Times constructed a timeline of events

--Kenosha police chief and local sheriff attempt narrative control to downplay actions of cops before the shooting

--Trump’s tweets and rhetoric, packaged for GOP convention, may have influenced Rittenhouse

--former FBI agent Mike German recaps FBI’s failure to monitor armed white extremist groups; he discussed this with PBC last December

--protests occurred in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities

--in RNC speech, Mike Pence infuriated your humble host by ignoring Jacob Blake and vigilante shootings, then lied about May murder of security guard in Oakland

--to illustrate the carnage in America’s streets, RNC used footage of violence from Barcelona

--RNC speakers only promote Trump as messiah, leaving GOP candidates to sink or swim;

--lies and misrepresentations are at the core of Trump’s propaganda

--Melania said Trump fixed the opioid crisis, but the facts contradict her

--Pelosi says Biden shouldn’t debate Trump

--another book based on White House insider details Trump’s “crazy shit”

--Hurricane Laura hammers Louisiana and Texas, but not as badly as forecast

--listener Henry Garciga in San Luis Obispo objects to PBC comments on local protest and leader Tianna Arata

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--new Postal Service trick: the mail you’re expecting is being held at the post office at your request

--Cyber Command, Pentagon and National Guard team up to block Russian election meddling