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PBC News & Comment: DC Protest Amplifies Outrage Over Kenosha

57 years after King’s “I have a dream” speech, speakers at Lincoln Memorial amplify angry voices following cop shooting of Jacob Blake…--partly paralyzed, Blake is shackled to hospital bed

--corporate media outlets finally name and profile the victims of vigilante shooter, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber

--Seattle-based Riot Kitchen caravan headed for DC, but diverted to Kenosha where they were harassed by local, federal cops and arrested

--coverage of the alleged shooter includes lots of right-wing praise

--ACLU demands resignations of Kenosha police chief and county sheriff

-Kenosha cleanup volunteers are erasing BLM graffitti

--former FBI agent Mike German exposes FBI’s top counterterrorism chief for ignorance of 2006 assessment of threat from white supremacists

--WNBA and NBA play will resume, after NBA players get owners to host voter registration at arenas

--WashPost reports more confrontations between unarmed protesters and armed white militias

--new poll shows GOP attacks on BLM are undermining white support

--appeals court lifts Portland injunction on rights of media and observers at protests

--Facebook draws fire from many sides—including angry employees—over handling of posts and pages related to Kenosha

--NY Times columnist exposes the right-wing dominance on Facebook

--in delayed process, Google permits ads with “blatant disinformation” about mail voting

--California secretary of state hires Dem campaign firm to promote mail-in voting

--at final night of Trump convention, Rudy spews hate, Ivanka loves her daddy, and the stable genius gives boring, hate-filled 70 minute speech, threatening that only Trump can solve the problems he’s created, with an iron fist

--almost all California GOP state senators are quarantined, as session ends

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--LA Times offers honest report about “vaccine-hesitant” Americans

--in war over vaccines, US levels new sanctions on Russian labs

--Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe resigns due to health problems

--John Kiriakou offers travel tips for Americans stopped at immigration

--in the “Build the Wall” scam, Steve Bannon copies Trump: don’t pay the contractors

--Jerry Falwell’s wife’s lover says Jerry was a voyeur, for sure