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PBC News & Comment: In London, Extradition Hearing for Julian Assange is Underway

In first 2 days of hearing described as “railroading” by 2 observers, biased judge delivers pre-fab rulings and threatens Assange…--best coverage is by Kevin Gosztola, Craig Murray and Consortium News  ; John Pilger’s statement is here and Mumia Abu-Jamal’s is here

--new wildfires erupt in California, one caused by “gender reveal” fireworks, as Oregon and Washington join Colorado in battling blazes

--protest roundup: police reform activists still busy in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha and Rochester, as Salt Lake City cops shoot autistic teen boy

--pro-Trump armed groups confront BLM protesters in Salem, OR as Trump boat parade in Austin sinks some boats

--Trump TV ads focus on violence in final stretch to Election Day as the campaign appears to be running low on cash

--in NC, recent scene of GOP election fraud, Trump urges his voters to mail in ballots, then try to vote at polls—felony for voters, and ConMan Don

--Postmaster General DeJoy is investigated for reimbursing employees for political contributions—illegal—and lying to Congress, also illegal

--White House tries to deflect report that Trump called dead vets “losers and suckers”

--and Glenn Greenwald is skeptical of the anonymous sources and Jeffrey Goldberg

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Senate leader McConnell will try to jam through low-budget bailout

--Michael Coehn book is now available, NRA insider book is out soon, and former FBI agent Peter Strozk’s book drops today

--after lecturing FBI for gross violations, FISA Court renews surveillance authority

--in Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi assassins get light sentences