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PBC News & Comment: Apocalyptic Skies Over California

Air filled with ash and smoke darkens the sky over California, as Washington and Oregon fight to contain new wildfires….–we update wildfires in the West

–AG Bill Barr takes on Trump defamation suit from alleged rape case, in unprecedented, outrageous move

–Kevin Zeese, attorney, writer and activist on many key issues, died of possible heart attack at age 64

–updates on Assange extradition hearing from Kevin Gosztola, Craig Murray,

and ConsortiumNews

–in election ploy, Trump withdraws 2,200 US troops from Iraq

–America’s post 9/11 wars of choice have displaced 37 million people

–as Trump stokes fear in the suburbs, new poll shows Biden with wider lead in Pennsylvania

–Texas judge orders rule changes for mail-in voting

–California TV viewers are being barraged with deceptive ads from Uber and Lyft

–LA protests over death of Black bicyclist Dijon Kizze intensify

–Portland protests have hammered re-election prospects of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–new polls show deep doubts about Trump’s failures on Covid response

–Bob Woodward’s latest book quotes Trump on the record, exposing how he tried to mislead Americans about Covid

–in epic expose, Max Blumenthal at The Grayzone reveals the green billionaires behind the coordinated effort to suppress “Planet of the Humans