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PBC News & Comment: Apocalyptic Skies Over California

Air filled with ash and smoke darkens the sky over California, as Washington and Oregon fight to contain new wildfires….--we update wildfires in the West

--AG Bill Barr takes on Trump defamation suit from alleged rape case, in unprecedented, outrageous move

--Kevin Zeese, attorney, writer and activist on many key issues, died of possible heart attack at age 64

--updates on Assange extradition hearing from Kevin Gosztola, Craig Murray,

and ConsortiumNews

--in election ploy, Trump withdraws 2,200 US troops from Iraq

--America’s post 9/11 wars of choice have displaced 37 million people

--as Trump stokes fear in the suburbs, new poll shows Biden with wider lead in Pennsylvania

--Texas judge orders rule changes for mail-in voting

--California TV viewers are being barraged with deceptive ads from Uber and Lyft

--LA protests over death of Black bicyclist Dijon Kizze intensify

--Portland protests have hammered re-election prospects of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--new polls show deep doubts about Trump’s failures on Covid response

--Bob Woodward’s latest book quotes Trump on the record, exposing how he tried to mislead Americans about Covid

--in epic expose, Max Blumenthal at The Grayzone reveals the green billionaires behind the coordinated effort to suppress “Planet of the Humans