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PBC News & Comment: To Sell More Books, Woodward Covered Up Trump’s Covid Lies

Trump uses Woodward’s delayed reporting to claim another “perfect call”, but both earn sharp criticism over February interview exposing Trump’s lies…--Watergate sleuth Bob Woodward got Trump to cooperate on the record for his new book, which shows Trump has lied repeatedly in downplaying Covid

--David Sirota leads the charge that Woodward delayed reporting critical info that could have saved lives

--comic Trevor Noah had some choice words

--NY Times interrupts its general blackout of Assange extradition hearing to report a recess till Monday, due to possible Covid infection of lawyer

--We get updates from ConsortiumNews, Kevin Gosztola, and Craig Murray

--former head of DHS intelligence turns whistleblower, after refusing to doctor reports on Russian interference and domestic white supremacists

--Portland Mayor orders end to all tear gas use, as protesters drew federal stormtroopers out last night, and autopsy shows Reinoehl didn’t kill himself

--federal prosecutors in Rochester are grandstanding with charges against select protesters, as WashPost investigates furtive Portland street snatches that didn’t lead to prosecution

--at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson deflates the recent FBI sting of Boogaloo Bois who wanted to fight for Hamas

--in Mexico City, women who are angry over inaction on female murders occupy federal building, LA Times reports

--Western wildfires claim more lives and property

--new fire erupts in port of Beirut

--Trump offers list of Supreme Court contenders, and Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley decline; but Tom Cotton is interested

--McConnell’s pathetic “skinny stimulus” bill dies in Senate vote

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--as new cases climb in some European countries, listener Olivier de Mirlieu shares link to Ivor Cummins “casedemic” theory….cases are growing, deaths declining

--at The Grayzone Aaron Mate interviews Canadian journalist in Russia about claims that Putin had Navalny poisoned

--Kool & the Gang founder Ronald Bell dies at age 68